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NOVEMBER 23, 2005 - I have finally added all the wallpapers! After my dear staff-member NAGGING at me, I have it finally up! There are new avvies, and I'm planning to put up some userlookups today.

NOVEMBER 6, 2005 - Ha ha! Finally, a new layout!! For those of you that thought I was dead, I HAVE PROVED YOU WRONG! Anyways, a friend has decided to add wallpapers, so she shall be providing some wallpapers for Iridescent Flame. However, she won't be updating here. There's still a lot I have to do, but I finally got the layout made. And I also might have another friend providing some avatars. *shrugs* I'm not sure yet though....

OCTOBER 16, 2005 - I'm uploading my own songs, so a lot had to be taken off, due to the fact that Geocities ONLY HAS 15 MB OF SPACE. GAHHH!!! ....so I had to spread them out over the many Yahoo accounts I had. I'll be updating continually throughout the day, getting some Dragon Knights music up.

OCTOBER 15, 2005 - I took off some music, and I'm planning to upload some things on Geocities. It's just that right now, Geocities isn't exactly functioning correctly.