Learn Japanese::

First of all, know how to pronounce your vowels.

-a = "ah"
-i = "ee"[like in "eel"]
-u = "oo"[like in "noon"]
-e = "eh"[like the first "e" in "educate"]
-o = "oh"[like "oh" in "Oh, I've got a headache"]

Next, you must learn some basic rules.

-There is no silent "e". Ever.
-The "tsu" sound is prounounced by making a hard "t" sound before you start imitating a leaky inner tube. Follow it up with a "oo" : t-ssss-oooo
-Vowels are prounounced normally, even when they're grouped together. For example, the word "ai" is prounounced "ah-ee". When you say it fast, it sounds like "eye".

Now, let's try some words....[I tried getting some Japanese words on, but Geocities won't allow it. Sorry! ^_^;;]

kuruma - This is a car. You would prounounce it as "koo-roo-mah".
hakase - It means "Dr." You would pronounce it as "hah-kah-seh".
niwa - This is "garden". You would pronounce it as "NEE-wah"
noroma - It means "slowpoke". You would pronounce it as "noh-roh-mah".