//Iridescent Flame// version 4.0 - Bleak Wonder//

Terms of Use::

All of the graphics supplied by Iridescent Flame is FREE to be used by anybody. However, if a graphic is to be used, Iridescent Flame must be credited, as the graphics were made personally.

No graphic may be distributed for use on your own site, even if Iridescent Flame is credited. If someone asks you about a graphic, simply give him/her our web address.

You may NOT change one of the graphics, then go around saying that you made it. Especially not the userlookups. They were coded by me, so do not take off the line saying that I created it. If you want to change the image, that is fine, however the link should remain on the page. If you do not link back, that is called plagerism and jocking, and is a serious offense.