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Oct. 5 Update

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From That Eternal Silence (outside link) by Entil'zha
K | Rated: PG-13 (violence, references to sexual situations, minor language)
Classification: casefile w/loads of angst
Summary: In suburban New Jersey, a teenage girl seems to commit suicide, but a murder suspect is named. Doggett is called in under strange circumstances, and in the course of the investigation, he must face his own inner demons. Agent Reyes is also heavily involved in the case.
Comment: An engrossing casefile combined with a look at the Doggett/Reyes work dynamic.

Indian Summer by Sylvia Tremblay
103K | Rated: PG for language
Classification: S, Doggett and Reyes friendship, Reyes POV
Summary: Reyes joins the X-Files and hijinks ensue.
Comment: A fun examination of the working relationship between Doggett and Reyes.

Souvenirs of a Day Gone By by Paige Caldwell
18K | Rated: NC-17
Classification: DSR, Post-Colonization, Angst, mention of character death
Summary: "In a world where only serial numbers distinguish life from death, John Doggett has become my one in five billion...."
Comment: Post-col with a gritty tone and memorable use of language.

Sucker Bet by Susanne Barringer
10K | Rated: PG
Classification: V
Summary: Post-ep for Empedocles. I imagine there's one thing to which Doggett had a hard time adjusting after Mulder's return.
Comment: This light story contains Doggett's view of dead-on Mulder/Scully interaction.