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UPDATED: May 13, 2002

Military Enthusiast Page

Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Joseph and I am a military enthusiast. I collect various items relating to the military in general. I am a 'military moron'. What does it mean? Check out

The title of this site is “Sabre Squadron”, was borrowed from a book written by Cameron Spence. It tells a story of an SAS squadron’s adventure behind Iraqi lines during the Gulf War. Needless to say, I am a fan of the Special Air Service and the various Elite Forces of the world.

I created this page to serve as a showcase that I can share with other enthusiasts. I hope you find my site interesting. Thanks for visiting.

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Disclaimer: I have never been in the military and I do not claim an expert on the subject. My principle in collecting is simple, if I see a 'shiny kit' that I like, I try to get it. Unfortunately, since some items are expensive, I resort to replicas. Ex-servicemen: Email me If you'd like to contribute any of your kits. They will be in good hands! Thanks!

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