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Hello Everybody!!
Thank you for visiting my web site. This is about my home country
OKINAWA, JAPAN. This site has information from Favorite Attractions to very sacred Monuments.  So keep in touch on this site as it grows with time.
Thank you!!




Shurijo Park is the Famous Castle of Okinawa. It was originally built in the early 15th century.  It was the house the King of the once known "Ryukyu Islands".  It served as a place for preformance of Religions and art work.  Check out the site for the full history of this great monument.
This is a link to OKINAWA's large and Famous Aquarium. This site gives people information about their Aquarium and what you will be able to see in the different levels it has.  From The Big Whale Shark to the Large Spider Crab.  There is more then just that they even have Manatees too, so check it out.
This is a link about information of OKINAWA.  It has historical history, maps and all sorts of other information about the special cultural attitude of this Great Island.
This Site is about the waters and places of OKINAWA and other places.  It has pictures, photos, and slide shows of the different varieties of animals and scenes of OKINAWA and its Beauty.  Please visit this site if you like diving and pictures of exotic creatures. 


This is my son's site which he made about three years ago and is still currently working with today he is expanding it to involve a diverse amount of other cultural and other crazy things that he likes hehe love you son.
This is the Sanban Kaigan Aikido Association  website.  This
site was made by my son and his instructor. If you are interested
in an martial art that is just purely defense and a long term goal
of spiritual and physical enlightment then this is the art for you.

Okinawa Link