Untitled Cursor by www.Soup-Faerie.Com

`Check the pulse. This is NOT a joke, people!`

`Mom? I`m ready to be picked up. NO, they`re not playing fair... NO. I don`t wanna try... NO. I don`t get along with these guys anymore. Come get me now... Thanks, Mom.`

`That`s the sound of an ambulance comin` to get me
`cause the sight of you stopped my heart.`

`last summer i did manual labor, up to 14 hours some days'

`I know my parent are gonna make me do something with my life... it`s gonna stink.`

'We got bacon people! Bacon for your walk home!'

'Just chewin' on some bubble wrap'

'Bacon it, bacon it, bacon bacon!'

'I’ll give it a four ‘cause I like the kid, kind of'

(Puts water balloon over Kevin's head and squeezes it) 'Weren't expecting that, were ya, hole?'

'Hey, you looks a little wet. What happened…water balloon?'

'Most likely falling, breaking a tailbone perhaps and complaining non-stop...That's what he does when he falls 'OWE i'm hurt!'

'full body workout team fresh style 101'

'Once the beat goes, we don't stop'

'Well I didn't know 'til just now! You don't have to yell! (voice cracks) I didn't know!'

Where mah frogs at?'

Hello Clarice!'


' Team Fresh Team Fresh Te...te...Team Fresh'

' my like 1 year old sister who is yea high could have gotten that'(yells ryan) 'you dont have a sister! (yells carlson)

'talk about a mean unibrow'

' we are stars, we are tv'

'i light up the everything'

'you're a tall guy.'

'thanks...i try...'

'The sad thing is I really have seen Spy Kids.'