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09 August 2007: Long time since an update.  I have a bunch of new vinyl and CD's so check it out.  I also updated the discography and the show history, and removed the stuff from the Zines and the Cloth pages because I've run out of some stuff.  Anyway, hit me up if you want stuff because I'm moving to Japan August 28th and I'm not taking much of this stuff with me!

06 March 2007: Protestant CD and 7" added, as well as Common Enemy's new CD "T.U.I." (thrashing under the influence!).

19 February 2007: A Warm Gun, Man the Conveyors, and Terminal Youth LP's all added to the "music" section.  Check it out...all these bands kick fucking ass!

24 January 2007: "discography" and "shows" updated, "myspace" link added, and Pazahora "s/t" CD added to "music" section.  Check them out.  They rule.

08 November 2006: Updated are the "discography" and this page.  Added is the new CD EP of my new Boston project inblackandwhite, along with a t-shirt, some stickers and buttons.  Our CD release is this weekend as we hit the road for a couple of days with LostHandsFoundFingers.  Keep your eyes out for a tour of the East Coast and Midwest in January. New website design...the old one was making me crazy.  Make sure you check out my new side projects: Putrid Sloth (brutal sludge), and Death Before Decaf (synth-rock-new-wave-nihilist-lo-fi-madness).  Plenty of stuff is still in stock, bands get in touch with me about doing trades or consignment, though a lot of the Sacred Plague releases are going out of print.  Only a few of The Opposed CD's are left, and I'm out of all the Inside Recess stuff.  There are plenty of Mosquitos Can Kill CD's left.  Get them while they're around!

08 June 2006:  Just received a new CD by grindcore punk villains Virgil's Torment.  They play a style similar to Magrudergrind.  Check it out in the "MUSIC" seciton.

10 May 2006:  New Euro-Dance-Synth-Punk currently located in Connecticut currently.  He calls himself Kid Ginseng and I just added his new CD.

07 May 2006:  The weather in Boston is becoming slowly less bleak.  I sold out of some zines, so that section has been updated.  No Mosquitos Can Kill tour this summer, but we are playing at the Mockbee in Cincinnati with Witch Hunt on May 22.

03 April 2006:  Ünscüm T-Shirts now available under appropriate section.  Shows have been updated from the Mosquitos Can Kill tour, we also have patches and backpatches for them.  Buttons will be uploaded soon as well.  In Black And White is now put together in Boston (featuring 3 members of The Opposed).

26 Jan 2006:  Ünscüm now has T-shirts!!!  They're of the new "I think, therefore...I smash Capitalism" cover.  Limited to 20, so get yours while they last.  We still have M, L, and XL, and they are $7 a shirt, plus $3 for shipping.  There will be backpatches and patches for Mosquitos Can Kill soon, as well as new stickers and buttons.  If everything goes well, Mosquitos Can Kill will be touring from March 17-25 from Cincinnati to Boston.  Email me at if you can help at all with dates.

30 Dec 2005: the new Mosquitos Can Kill "Crunk as Fuck Existence" CD is now available under the "MUSIC" section.  I also have stickers and a few buttons too.  Pictures of the tour with LostHandsFoundFingers will be up soon.  It was a fucking blast.

25 Oct 2005: the new Ünscüm CD is available, featuring 3 new tracks of brutal guitars, crazy screaming/yelling/growling vox, and rhythms from blast to sludge!  Also, note the updates of the CD Release Tour of Mosquitos Can Kill with LostHandsFoundFingers under the "SHOWS" section.

16 Oct 2005: I updated the "Shows" page with every show that I've booked or played as far as I can remember (except for CHA and Cease To Exist--b/c I can't remember the dates/events), so if you care at all, scope it out.

06 Oct 2005: New Winston Smith CD available under the "music" section.  Good emo-hardcore similar to the Red Scare; very artsy packaging.

19 Sept 2005:  I have moved to Boston.  Now I will have to have everything sent to my new address.  So, just be aware.  New Unscum tracks are available on their soundclick website.  I don't book shows in Cincinnati anymore (obviously), but if anyone needs help with contacts, then I can send you in the right directions.

13 June 2005:  My first vinyl has been added to the collection (besides the 7"s included with the zines) straight outta PA: THE TWATS vs. COMMON ENEMY.  Checkout the "MUSIC" section.  Also the final info. on the Witch Hunt show is posted under the "SHOWS" section, see you there sucka!

19 May 2005:  I booked Piedmonster, an anarcho-synth-pop band with a punk rock aesthetic, from Greensboro NC.  They will be playing tonight at the Guild Haus (1622 Vine St. Apt. 23) with Le Technopuss13s and Two Inch Winky [starts at 9:30pm, $3 admission].  I also added "Shows" and "Links" sections, they will be up in a few days.

3 March 2005:  New trade from an Italian Distro. is now available for viewing in the 'Music' section, check them out, there's some good shit.  I also reformatted the page so it looks a little better.  Inside Recess has broken up, and only a few copies of the first album are still available.  I have also run out of some old titles, but links are available to where you can get them at the bottom of the 'Music' page as well.

25 Jan. 2005: Happy New Year or whatever.  I just added Existential Dilemma's new CD "Consume" to the 'music' section, so that's available for order if you want it.  Inside Recess will be releasing the next full-length with MondoMan Records.  We are pretty excited about working with a label.  I also just heard from Ünscüm that they will be releasing their next EP soon, they are currently in the process of recording their next 6-song release.

11 Nov. 2004:  Inside Recess/Existential Dilemma CD now available.

10 Nov. 2004:  Inside Recess just opened up for Marilyn Manson extending our fan base 10 fold I'm sure (right).  The Kylesa show last night was also extremely excellent.  There were a decent amount of kids out for it, and all the bands put on a good performance.  Seveer Tire Damage, Peace or Die comp., and Common Enemy CD's are now available for your perusal in the music section.  The new Inside Recess/Existential Dilemma CD is also available, it's $5 ($6 ppd.) and will be added as soon as I get a copy back for myself.

4 Nov. 2004:  I just received some new material from a group called Seveer Tire Damage, I will list it under the music section soon. 

25 Oct. 2004:  I just got in some new CD's for the 'MUSIC' section.  A good hardcore band AAH, a decent compilation to benefit Parkinson's, and a German metal-core band that has a very good EP out on MondoMan records.  I'll be getting in some new zines soon hopefully.  The distro will also be appearing at the Kylesa show at Sudsy's on Nov. 9.