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Sacred Sound CD "The SO Chord" Included
The Sacred Alchemy of Sound one & two day intensives will give you an elegantly simple yet profoundly powerful set of tools and meditations using the "SO Chord" sacred sound CD. These simple and effortless practices are based on "Active Listening", a simple yet highly focused state of listening and presence you will learn to cultivate during the intensives.

Through this listening practice and the SO Chord meditation, practitioners will begin to effortlessly access the perfect stillness that exists within us all. It is the space and place within that some cultures refer to as the "Void" - the sublime inner space of stillness and peace - that has great healing and alchemical properties.

This advanced listening / meditation practice represents a process of  internal reconection to and remembrance of the infinite source of Divine creation and inspiration that lives within us all. Experience self-discovery, greater awareness, and self-empowerment while  learning  to cultivate expanding levels of presence within yourself. This is the alchemical process known as "Harmonic Embodyment"