Sacred System Connections
Ministry for Earth Inter-Relationships
Sacred  System Connections is a multi-faceted ministry offering community and  church congregational, as well as individual and family, opportunities for  personal growth and well-being. This ministry serves all  denominations and religions, as well as those with no religious  affiliation.

This ministry is provided as a private practice by the Rev. Mary Catherine (Kitty) Bass, M. Div., MSW, LCSW, ordained by the Red Hill UUA congregation as a community minister for earth inter-relationships.

Kitty was graduated from Wake Forest University, seminary, and graduate school  in social work.  She did post-graduate work in Family Systems Theory and Psychotherapy at the Family Center (now Bowen Center for the Study of the Family) at the Medical School, Georgetown University, Washington D.C. She is a licensed clinical social worker.

Having taught biology and earth science and then practiced as a clinician for over 30 years as a family therapist, this ministry honors the relationship connections between natural systems and spirituality in human life.  It supports the principle that all life is evolving, connected, inter-related, and a part of the web at all existence - universal Oneness.

Work is toward creating self-defined, principled goals for responsible, joyful living in a time of global change and societal challenge.
Pet Chaplain Ministry
-- Honoring our ancient human-animal  bond, providing dignity and respect for relationships with animals

-- Support group for humans who  have lost animal companions

-- Individual and family consultation  for pet loss and grief including work with children and elderly

-- Services of celebration, memorial,  animal blessing, etc. for individuals, families, groups, and  churche
Sacred System Connections offers:
Integrated Spiritual Direction
... a natural  systems focus on mind/body/soul - family/place/spirit relationship  functioning, addressing personal goal setting, discovery, and  creativity from the perspective of wholeness and inter-relatedness.   Coaching and consultation supports:
-- individual, marital, and family  relationships
-- challenges involving  health and aging
-- lifestyle changes
-- four-hour mini-retreats for  integrated spiritual direction may be arrange
Supervision in Bowen Family Theory
... training  and supervision, individually and in small groups, is available for ministers and clinicians. This learning provides an excellent  introduction to Bowen Theory for clinicians and Bowen Theory and  Theology for ministers.

Services of Celebration
... a  ministry of celebration, personalizing life passages:
-- new homes
-- births, children, grandchildren
-- other celebrations including  weddings, renewal of vows, etc
Knitted Prayer Shawl Ministry, knitting classes, meditation, retreat
Ministry for Earth provides:
... church and  congregational support for Green  Sanctuary Programs. Group discussions on "A Sense of  Place" - others to be announced. Presentations on "Being with  Flowers as Spiritual Practice," "This Sacred Season," and "Animals:  Spiritual Teachers" to be arranged.
... the Paul and Louise  Katherine Peterson Bass  Sanctuary Garden, affiliated with the Unitarian Universalist  Association Ministry for Earth project, offers a labyrinth for walks,  prayer, and meditation.  Open to the public first Sundays, 3-5  p.m. EST, 4-6 p.m. DST.
... individual coaching and consultation,  workshops, presentations, and congregation discussion on creating an  innovative, sustainable lifestyle during global warming and societal  challenge, this new time in history -- "The Great Turning," arranged.
...  seasonal, earth, peace and solstice celebrations announced.