Updated 2/6/2008
St. Agnes Catholic Elementary School
Bloomsdale, MO
Our Rich History
Our Mission

Where Faith and Knowledge Meet
Established in 1879, St. Agnes School is
proud of the faith-based education
program it has offered for our community for many generations of Ste.
Genevieve County. Students are able to experience more at St. Agnes with the
addition of our new building in 2004
consisting of state of the art science lab,
classrooms and computer room.

St. Agnes Elementary School exists to preserve, carry on, and build upon the teaching mission of Jesus Christ, through liturgy, service, education and social life. By our commitment, we are challenged to respect one another and ourselves and to provide a safe and friendly atmosphere conducive to developing growth both academically and spiritually. As reconcilers, we strive to foster community in our activities, rejoice in one another's different gifts, support our parish with our time, talents, and treasures and build up the kingdom of God.
Non-Catholics Also Welcome
St. Agnes is accredited
by the National Federation
of Non-Public Schools
Our Faculty
Along with certification and professional
experience, our faculty brings dedication
and enthusiasm to the principles of
Catholic education.
Instructional Program
Pre-K Program
Part time/Full time
                   Social Studies
                   Physical Education
For children ages 3 to 5. Students may enroll for 2 to 5 days a week, no half days, and have the option of buying lunch in the cafeteria  or bringing their lunch. The program runs the same hours as the rest of the school.
Words From Our Graduates
"The guidance I received at St. Agnes
helped me greatly in my continued
education as well as my spiritual
In addition, the friendships I established
there are still alive today."
                mb-College Senior
Physical Education
Parental Involvement
     *    Teachers aides
       *      Librarians
       *      Yard duty
       *      Active PTO
       *      Field Trips
       *      Room Coordinators
       *      Parish Board of Education
       *      St. Agnes School Alumni
       *      St. Agnes Athletic Assoc.
"St. Agnes has given me a great
education and a strong foundation for
my future. The teachers and friends I
encountered in my time there have
influenced me in more ways than I can
mention. St. Agnes is an all around
good place to be."     Jill M. Hermann
Student Activities
     *   Archdiocesan Music Festival
     *   Bellarmine Speech League
     *   Choir
     *   Math Contest
     *   Instrumental Band
     *   Computer Reading Program
     *   D.A.R.E. Program
     *   Volleyball Team
     *   Basketball Team
     *   Soccer Team
     *   Geography Bee
     *   Cheerleading
Technology-Rich Learning Environment
St. Agnes students learn in a technology-
rich environment. Our state of the art
computer lab also offers Internet service
  Students perform experiments in the
  new Science lab.
              After School Care
  For a minimal fee, this program
  presents an opportunity for
  supervised activities and a secure
  environment for each child.
For information and tour of our St. Agnes Facilities please call
Mr. Robert Rousseau at 573-483-2506 or fax us at 573-483-9303.
Pre-Kindergarten - 8th Grade
May 7th, 2007

To honor Mary, students and faculty gather at her
statue to pray the rosary with their prayer partner.