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2005 / 9 / 19 Update.

Nakajima Ki-44-II Type2 Model2 Intercepter "Shoki" (Tojo)
Length : 8.90m
Wing Span: 9.45m
Hight : 2.90m
Wing Area : 15 Square Meter
All-Up Weight : 2,766Kg
Empty Weight : 2,095Kg
Engine : Nakajima Type2 Ha109 (1,450hp) X 1
Max Speed : 605Km/h
Cluse Speed : 400Km/h
Service Ceiling : 11,200m
Range : 1,296Km
Crew : 1
Armament : 7.7mm Machine Gun X 2, 12.7mm Ho103 Machine Gun X 2
Bomb : 30 - 100Kg X 2 or 250Kg X 1
Ki-45 Modify-D (Cho) Type2 Two-Seat Intercepter "Toryu" (Nick)
Length : 11.00m
Wing Span: 15.02m
Hight : 3.70m
Wing Area : 32.0 Square Meter
All-Up Weight : 5,500Kg
Empty Weight : 4,000Kg
Engine : Nakajima Type1 Ha102 1,050hp) X 2
Max Speed : 540Km/h
Service Ceiling : 10,000m
Range : 2,000Km
Crew : 1
Armament : 12.7mm Ho103 Machine Gun X 2, 20mm Ho5 Machine Gun X 2 (Sloped Machine Guns)
Nakajima Ki-87 Experimental Hi Altitude Intercepter
Length : 11.82m
Wing Span: 13.42m
Hight : 4.30m
Wing Area : 26 Square Meter
All-Up Weight : 5,632 - 6,100Kg
Engine : Nakajima Ha44-12-Ru (Ha219-Ru) (2,450hp) X 1
Max Speed : 706Km/h
Cluse Speed : 470Km/h
Service Ceiling : 12,855m
Crew : 1
Armament : 30mm Ho105 Machine Gun X 2, 20mm Ho5 Machine Gun X 2
250Kg Bomb X 1

Shoji Hasegawa
Tachikawa Ki-94-I Experimental Hi Altitude Intercepter
Length : 13.05m
Wing Span: 15.00m
Hight : 3.85m
Wing Area : 37 Square Meter
All-Up Weight : 8,800 - 9,400Kg
Engine : Mitsubishi Ha211-Ru (2,200hp) X 2
Max Speed : 780Km/h
Service Ceiling : 14,000m
Crew : 1
Armament : 30mm Ho155 Machine Gun X 2, 37mm Ho204 Cannon X 1
50Kg Bomb X 2
Tachikawa Ki-94-I Experimental Hi Altitude Intercepter
The army ordered Tachikawa's trial production of the high-altitude intercepter in 1943. Tachikawa presented a very bold plan to this order. It is the plan 1.
This plan was the twin body, the twin boom-type. Two engines were arranged before and behind the central body. The first three wheel-type landing gear and pressure cockpit were adopted in Japan.
But, as for this plan, there was impossibility in the arrangement position of the exhaust turbine. Then, this wasn't being considered about the pilot's escape. Japanese pilots weren't accustomed to three wheel-type landing gear.
Therefore the plan 1 wasn't adopted.
If the plan 1 is manufactured as an experiment, the vibration of the tail, cooling of the engine, and so on may have been problems.

Photo by Atsushi Koyanagi
Manshu Ki-98 Hi Altitude Intercepter
Length : 11.40m
Wing Span: 11.26m
Hight : 4.30m
Wing Area : 24 Square Meter
All-Up Weight : 4,500Kg
Empty Weight : 3,500Kg
Engine : Mitsubishi Ha211-Ru (2,200hp) X 1
Max Speed : 730Km/h
Range : 1,000Km
Service Ceiling : 12,000m
Crew : 1
Armament : 20mm Ho5 Machine Gun X 2, 37mm Ho204 Cannon X 1
Mitsubishi J8M1/ Ki-200 "Shusui" Experimental Rocket Intercepter
Length : 6.05m
Wing Span: 9.50m
Hight : 2.70m
Wing Area : 17.73 Square Meter
All-Up Weight : 3,000Kg
Empty Weight : 1,445Kg
Main Engine : Mitsubishi KR10 (Tokuro-2) Rocket (1,500Kg) X 1
Max Speed : 800Km/h
Cruise Speed : 347Km/h
Duration of Flight : 2.5Minutes (700Km/h)
Crew : 1
Armament : 30mm Ho155-II Machine Gun X 2

Shoji Hasegawa
Nakajima Ki-201 "Karyu" Experimental Jet Intercepter / Attacker
Length : 11.50m
Wing Span: 13.70m
Hight : 4.05m
Wing Area : 25.0 Square Meter
All-Up Weight : 7,000Kg
Empty Weight : 4,500Kg
Engine : Ishikawajima Ne-130 Turbojet (908Kg) X 2 or Nakajima Ne-230 Turbojet (885Kg) X 2
Max Speed : 852Km/h (Ne-130) , 812Km/h (Ne-230)
Range : 980Km
Service Ceiling : 12,000m+
Crew : 1
Armament :
30mm Ho155-II Machine Gun X 2 or 20mm Ho5 Machine Gun X 2 (For Navy)
30mm Type5 Machine Gun X 2 or 20mm Type99 Machine Gun X 2 (For Army)
800Kg or 500Kg Bomb X 1
Nakajima Ki-201 "Karyuu" Jet Intercepter / Attacker
The data for the Me262 jet intercepter were brought to Japan from Germany by 1944.
The fighter "Ki-201 Karyuu" was developed with Nakashima based on this data.
This project was the joint development of the imperial army and navy.
"Karyuu" expanded Me262. However, development progressed slowly.
Pacific war was ended at the moment when a production drawing was completed.
Rikugun Kokusho / Mitsubishi Ki-202 "Shusui-kai"
Experimental Rocket Intercepter

Length : 7.10m
Wing Span: 9.75m
Hight : 2.70m
Wing Area : 18.40 Square Meter
All-Up Weight : 5,100Kg
Engine : Mitsubishi Tokuro-3 Rocket (2,000Kg) X 1
Max Speed : 900Km/h
Duration of Flight : 3.5Minutes
Crew : 1
Armament : 30mm Ho155-II Machine Gun X 2