Naval Night Fighter PAGE

2000 / 11 / 18 Update.

Nakajima J1N1 "Gekkoh" Model 11 Night Fighter
Length : 12.77m
Wing Span : 16.98m
Hight : 4.56m
Wing Area : 40.0 Square Meter
All-Up Weight : 6,900Kg
Empty Weight : 4,852Kg
Engine : Nakajima Sakae21 (1,130hp) X 2
Max Speed : 507Km/h
Cruse Speed : 333Km/h
Max Range : 2,545Km
Crew : 2
Armament : 20mm Machine Gun X 4 (Sloped Machine Guns)
Bomb : 630 - 250Kg X 2
Nakajima J5N1 "Tenrai" Prototype #3 Night Fighter
Length : 11.46m
Wing Span : 14.40m
Hight : 3.55m
Wing Area : 32.00 Square Meter
All-Up Weight : 7,300Kg
Empty Weight : 5,390Kg
Engine : Nakajima Homare21 (1,990hp) X 2
Max Speed : 597Km/h
Cruse Speed : 370Km/h
Max Range : 1,482Km
Service Ceiling : 9,000m
Crew : 2
Armament : 30mm Machine Gun X 2, 20mm Machine Gun X 2,
20mm Machine Gun X 4 (Sloped Machine Guns)
Bomb : 60Kg X 2

Shoji Hasegawa
Aichi S1A1 "Denkoh" Night Fighter
Length : 15.10m
Wing Span : 17.50m
Hight : 4.61m
Wing Area : 47.0 Square Meter
All-Up Weight : 10,180Kg
Empty Weight : 7,320Kg
Engine : Nakajima Homare22 (1,990hp) X 2
Max Speed : 590Km/h
Cruse Speed : 445Km/h
Max Range : 1,600Km
Service Ceiling : 12,000m
Crew : 2
Armament : 30mm Machine Gun X 2, 20mm Machine Gun X 2
20mm Machine Gun X 2 (turning gun seat)
Bomb : 60Kg X 4 or 250Kg X 1
Aichi S1A1 "Denkoh" Night Fighter
As for Aichi, a twin engined night fighter was manufactured as an experiment in 1943.
High rise ability and the flight ability of the long time were required by this night fighter.
This aircraft was designed for the first time as a night fighter in Japan from the beginning.
Radar, a remote control turn gun seat, and so on were adopted in this.
This was the ambitious design which aimed for the highest level of the world.
But, loading of the exhaust turbine was planned because it was short of the output of these engines.
The trial production machine which was almost completed was destroyed by fire by the air raid in 1945.