Cadillac DTS (Deville Touring Sedan ) by me Steve Denoo,

Cadillac DTS (DeVille) by Steve Denoo

DTS Cadillac by Steve Denoo - Nothing says Smile and Wave like a Cadillac. - Distinctive Style and Demonstrated Discernment in all you do - of course your friends will be jealous


Who dares nothing, need hope for nothing.  -- J.C.F. Von Schiller

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Better get it before it is no longer made. The same guys that have taken the company to the verge of BK are planning to do away with this car. If you are looking for a large American car with a large trunk better get it while it lasts. GM is planning to make a smaller car, and destroy the car and make it smaller. Get it now This is America's Favorite large Car. It is an outstanding car and I hope GM is not going to screw it up. You had better get one now, The next one will be smaller. I do not think that they will continue it in its present form. For some reason GM management does not understand what Cadillac is all about. The DTS (Deville Touring Sedan) allows you to have comfortable seating for those over six foot four (like me), there is room front and rear, and the trunk has enough room for luggage. Low Lift over height in back is low and the rear seats pass through to accommodate larger items The heated and cooled seats are very nice. Drop me a note anytime if you have a question. If you are looking for a new or used, just ask. I would be happy to help you.

FOR RELEASE: 2007-06-13 CONTACTS Cadillac DTS Named Most Satisfying Car
Cadillac's full-size luxury sedan earns industry-best score in AutoPacific survey
According to a recent survey, actual owners say the Cadillac DTS is the most satisfying car or truck among all 2007 models. DTS earned first place in the Large Luxury Car category in AutoPacific's recent Vehicle Satisfaction Awards, and its score was the highest for any vehicle in any category in the industry. AutoPacific's Vehicle Satisfaction Award comes directly from vehicle owners' input of their experience with their vehicle. The survey polled approximately 24,000 owners of 2007 models. "This achievement for DTS is especially important, as the experiences of actual customers are the ultimate measure," said Jim Taylor, Cadillac general manager. "Cadillac, and the DTS in particular, earn excellent consumer loyalty based on the type of satisfaction shown in this important survey of new vehicle owners." The 2008 DTS, launching later this year, is marked by the introduction of the limited-edition DTS Platinum, featuring an elegant handcrafted interior. DTS is a technology leader with available features including Magnetic Ride Control, heated windshield washer fluid and the new Lane Departure Warning and Side Blind Zone Alert safety systems. DTS, with a standard 4.6-liter Northstar engine and OnStar Turn-by-Turn Navigation, starts at $42,590, including destination. About Cadillac Cadillac ( has been a leading luxury automotive brand since 1902. Cadillac's heritage of dramatic design and technical innovation has undergone a recent renaissance, returning it to the top of luxury brands.


Always unique, there is just something about Cadillac.

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Present Inventory

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We will have a new look for '07 and freshened for 08. The DTS features are a progression of the line, very inviting. The new DTS is the very definition of luxury (The finest smoothest leather available), Front and rear parking assist, Driver, Passenger, and rear tri-zone climate control and 10-way power driver and front passenger seats, available on all models. The comfort and convince option gives you heated and cooled seats along with a heated steering wheel for those North-Eastern cold mornings, programmable seat position along with radio, temperature and mirrors. The latest edition of the now famous Northstar V8 engine that runs very quiet, ABS brakes and full-function traction control give DeVille impeccably mannered power. Now available magnetic ride control, DVD navigation, StabiliTrak TM stability enhancement, Bose Premium sound system with 252-watt sound system standard and 6-disc in dash CD changer let you make your DeVille into a tempting expression of comfort. This is purpose built technology. Call me for more information at 315-422-2231.

Four trim levels are offered and naturally the list of standard features is generous. Tri-zone heating and cooling is available, with dual front HVAC controls allow couples to live in separate climates; both halves get power seat adjustments (including lumbar), and the rear view mirror is electro chromatically self-dimming as well as heated for winter. The luxury of safety is well represented. The list of active and passive standard equipment includes Electronic Stability Control, Traction Control, Anti-Lock Disc Brakes with Electronic Brake Distribution and a total of eight airbags. A power rear window sunshade is available. Sound buffs may want to listen to the Bose audio system. Speed-sensitive volume keeps up with traffic noise and redundant controls on the steering wheel allow you to fine-tune your tunes, without undue distraction from your driving.

Power Performance Prestige and Presence

  1. Laminated Front & Side Glass, for extra safety and quieter ride
  2. 17" wheels standard, 18" for performance model, Larger brakes, less unsprung weight, helping provide better economy.
  3. Adaptive Remote start!!! How about that!
  4. Heated Windshield washer fluid, For frosty mornings, or bugs in the summer.
  5. Magnetic Ride Control, The fastest acting suspension available, proven since 1992, Smoother ride and much better handling with no harshness.
  6. 1" taller roof line, for easier entry and exit. Important for us tall people.
  7. Integrated Fog lamps, better light on the road in wet conditions.
  8. Xenon High Intensity Headlights putting better light on the road both high and low beams. A great improvement.
  9. Brake Assist for better stopping in an emergency.
  10. 1" MORE seat travel for various body types, makes it more comfortable for taller drivers, or those less endowed.
  11. Better Windshield Wipers, with air foils molded in, Work great!!! These wipe cleaner, and quieter, especially at highway speeds.
  12. High strength steel, for a safer car, and quieter with less road vibrations.
  13. Head side curtain air bags. A safety item that you hopefully never need. However, if you have an accident, you will be glad they are there.
  14. Parking assist, front and rear. Did I mention that? Very important for kids and garages.
  15. XM Radio available on all models standard on most, I can ad it for you if you have a 2000 or newer Deville without it from the factory. The instalation works great, and functions just like original. For 06 it will be a standard feature
  16. 10 way power adjustment for the seats.

  17. Available heated and cooled seats, bottom & backrest, both or individual with 3 temperature settings for ultimate personal comfort. Heated and cooled seats blowing air through the seat cushions.(Wonderful)

  18. Massaging Lumbar available on the new DTS and Adaptive seating for 06 in the DTS 4, This aids in keeping you fresh after a long journey.

  19. DTS features perforated leather inserts that breath keeping you from getting too hot or cold.

  20. Audio system features CD and no longer a Cassette player...:[

  21. In the DTS the Bose premium audio system delivers 252 watts of unsurpassed sound throuh 8 speakers.
  22. GPS-based DVD navigation system programmable in 5 languages, letting you know at a glance exactly where you are. I personally like the Onstar assistance. I always get lost, and they have never failed to help me.

  23. Again, XM radio option with 200 + digital signals anyere in the continental US and Canada. Ideal for those who love a certain type of music, from Bluegrass to Classical. When you travel you always lose the station a foot outside of the city limits, and are unable to find what you want most of the time.

  24. Ultrasoncic Rear Parking Assist, now front and rear helps you to detect objects behind you and slightly to the side. Great for parking garages, on street parking, and kids bicycles.

  25. Stabilitrak, helps you stay on the road when the road does it best to throw you off. Stabilitrak senses the beginning of a skid and comparing that to the cars steering input, it applies a quick precise force to the appropriate brake. Keeping you on the road, not beside it.

  26. Onstar, my favorite feature has been around sinc 1996 is standard in Cadillac. Onstar gives you at the touch of a button, a live person that can aid you in an emergency; help you when you get a flat; bring you gas when you need it; give you directions (something all of us guys need once and a while), or someone to talk to on a long drive.

  27. Automatic twilight sentinal headlights, turning them on and off when light conditions warrant, feautring automatic lights on with the wipers. and now automatic dimmers (;( )

  28. Day time running lights, using the headlights not the marker lights, for extra safety and visibility.

There are some minor changes to the 2006 DTS (used to be called DeVille), the best one is the heated and cooled seats. I had an opportunity to try these last summer in the desert heat of Nevada. They are worth the cost of the option. The cool air is instant and makes the seats very comfortable. Also with this is the heat portion which blows cool air through the seat. Along with this is a heated steering wheel. I have my doubts if this is a great thing, since it does the outside of the wheel not the inside where my fingers go. Back up assist is again part of the safety security package. Initally I noticed no cassette player in the radio. It is now an option. I like the Cassette player. I would like the factory to install a memory stick reader, since I record to the memory stick on my "Palm" With its compact nature it has great potential.

The DeVille's exterior proportions are more athletic than its conservative predecessor. A prominent new grille, which protrudes over the bumper, is flanked by taller but narrow headlamps. At the rear are larger taillights which replace the traditional thin, vertical taillamps used on Cadillacs for so many years. From the side, an arc from the front fenders to the rear deck gives it a more sporty look, while its stance is more aggressive. There's certainly some resemblance to the Seville sedan here.
The new car has cornering lights and fog lights to help you see better.

The DeVille DTS is equipped with a world renowned Northstar 4.6-liter DOHC V8 engine that produces nearly 300 horsepower. The DTS 1,2 and 3 have the same outstanding engine but 275 horsepower, a smoother ride, and shift points in the transmission. Standard features include dual front and side airbags, side airbags, leather and wood trim, power windows and door locks, power front seats with integrated massaging feature a premium Bose stereo system.

The DeVille name first appeared on a Cadillac for the 1949 model year. The 1949 Coupe de Ville featured a high-compression V8 engine and earned Motor Trend magazine's first "Car of the Year" award. Often displaying the latest technology, DeVille even offered airbags for the 1974, '75 and '76 model years. This use of advanced technology continued with the all-new 2000 DeVille. Night Vision, based on infrared sensors used by the military, allows drivers of the DeVille to see beyond the range of the headlights at night. The Ultrasonic Rear Parking Assist also uses high-tech sensors-ultrasonic sensors-installed in the rear bumper to signal the driver before making contact with an obstruction. The OnStar system, which combines cellular phone technology with navigational satellites, keeps the driver in constant contact with an OnStar representative who can assist in an emergency or with directions.

There are turn signal lights in the mirror. Heated seats

These two are my favorite options.
A big trunk (Compare it with any other!)   

Special embroidery is available for the top.

Key Benefits

Benefit 1 Greater comfort for both driver and passenger.
Benefit 2 Feeling of security, making you feel safer, because your hands are on the wheel, and eyes on the road, not looking for a knob to adjust.
Benefit 3 Spaciousness, a smaller car outside, yet retaining room for 6 if needed.
Benefit 4 Greater economy.  Lower maintenance costs. 
Benefit 5 Pride of ownership.  The Standard of the world, You deserve a Cadillac.
Benefit 6 Sense of style and elegance.
Benefit 7 Feeling of Power and Prestige, Success in life displayed when you drive one.
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