Sandiego Foundation of Nepal (SADFUN)
Sandiego Foundation of Nepal (SADFUN)
NGO Name : Sandiego Foundation of Nepal (SADFUN)
Description : Sandiego Foundation of Nepal is a non-governmental, non-partisan and non –profit making, independent organization established with a mission to helping the rural people for the betterment of their living standards. It is registered under HMG/Nepal at Nuwakot District Administration office in 1999 under Organization Registration Act 1977 (2034 B.S.) and affiliated with Social Welfare Council under the Social Welfare Council (S.W.C) Act 2049 B.S. 
Contact Persons:
Mr. Madhav Prasad Pandey
Sandiego Foundation of Nepal (SADFUN)
Nuwakot District, Sunkhani V.D.C. Ward No: 8, Geragaun (Sahu Tole)G
G.P. O. Box No: 14221
Tel/Fax No: 00977-1-356682

Mr. Don Meredith2653 Fairfield Street,Sandiego, California 92110,USA
Ph. No. 6192765547

The "Sandiego Foundation of Nepal (SADFUN)" is a Non-Governmental Organization dedicated towards bringing awareness among the rural people regarding education, health, environment, and development-related issues. It encourages their active participation in developmental activities. The mission of this organization is to—help the rural people who are leading their lives under abject poverty, are deprived of education, basic health facilities and toiling just to meet the very basic needs— overcome their problems.
Mr. Don Meredith, an American national, came to Nepal in 1999 and visited different rural parts of the country. During his visit, he experienced the problems facing the rural people. It is basically his idea to establish an NGO and help them through it. Mr. Meredith   has played a very appreciating role both for the establishment as well as the running of the organization. It was established in 1999 with the following aims and objectives.  

Aims and objectives:

1. To organize and motivate the people for community development programs.

2. To identify and undertake programs on woman development in rural communities, and educate and train them in order to make them capable to lead the society.

3. To coordinate with other national and international institutions/ organizations in providing supportive service in economic development, environment conservation, health care, education and other related issues.

4. To provide necessary help/ relief to the victims in the wake of natural calamities.

5. To provide training to women living in lower economic condition in income generating and production-oriented activities to achieve self-reliance.

6. To launch social awareness programs relating to education, environment and health issues.

7. To provide scholarships to poor and underprivileged children.

Major achievements of the organization:

I) Launched non-formal education and literacy programs at  Sunkhani V.D.C. Ward no: 8, of Nuwakot district.

II) Organized micro-enterprises development programs for under- privileged women in the district.

III) Conducted post-literacy, community sponsorship and higher education support program in the program areas.

IV) Organized training program on human rights, woman empowerment and children's rights at Sunkhani V.D.C of Nuwakot District.

V) Conducted environment awareness program at the outskirts of Katmandu.

VI) Conducted capacity building training on effective implementation and enforcement of Local Self-  Governance (LSG) Act for VDC Chairmen, Vice- Chairmen and V.D.C Secretaries of Nuwakot District.

Mr. Madhav Prasad Pandey
Sandiego Foundation of Nepal (SADFUNN)
Nuwakot District, Sunkhani V.D.C. Ward No: 8, Geragaun GPO.Box No: 14221
Tel/Fax No: 00977-356682

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Name: Sandiego Foundation of Nepal (SADFUN)