Writing assessment

Writing assessment


Writing prompt


You are a freelance writer and write regularly for a local community club’s newsletter on various societal issues. You have been asked by the editor of the newsletter to write a short essay for the newsletter on the following theme:


We cannot control what our children watch and read, and whom they communicate with on the Internet. The Net has become parents’ number one villain these days. No child should be left unsupervised on the Internet for long hours. We have to protect our children from all types of social evils.



You should use your own words and should not copy words from the language of the task. Use your ideas, and knowledge. You should write at least 250 words and no more than 300 words.


You are required to submit a rough outline of how you generated ideas and the first draft. You will be marked on the outline of the brainstorming, the first draft, and the final draft. However, you are NOT required to submit a ‘neat’ first draft or brainstorming.