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Hi. Our names are Sarah and Allison and we live on Fort Lewis in an Army house. Sarah goes to Greenwood Elementary and loves her teacher Mrs. Burdick and her counselor Mrs. Ledbetter. Alli also takes speech at Greenwood with Miss Sharon. WE LOVE GREENWOOD!

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We are having a PARTY for Sarah's 6th Birthday!!!! CLICK HERE to view the invitation!
Sarah's birthday is April 5, 2000.
Alli's birthday is November 3, 2002
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The Book Hive
PBS Kids
We like throwing tea parties, dancing, singing, tumbling, and riding bikes. We also like putting on shows. We both love math and craft time. We also love playing soccer or in the playhouse in our backyard. We love Barbie, My Little Pony and Disney Princesses!
Our favorite cartoons are Dora the Explorer and The Magic School Bus.
Sarah can read Dick and Jane and Dr. Seuss books all by herself.
Allison's favorite books are Barbie and Dora. Sarah's favorite book is Dick and Jane.
Right now our favorite colors are pink & purple.
I love my mom, dad, and it is great having a sister. We are each other's best friends. Sarah's other best friends are Isabelle and Presley and everyone in her kindergarten class. Sarah loves to have lots and lots of friends.
When we grow up, we want to be dancers.