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Welcome to the South African Free and Critical Thinkers Association homepage. This site is dedicated to promoting a true "African Rennaisance" - an environment for scepticism and freethought. Hopefully the site will be used as a forum to air ideas, opinions and for debate. The world is oblivious to the widespread dissemination of ignorance and Africa, I'm afraid, is no exception. FACT aims to provide a common sceptical alliance for the total discouragement of anti-intellectualism, pseudo-science, religious fanaticism and thought-control.

Unfortunately, SAFACTA hasn't been able to setup a programme for 2001 as we've been plagued by difficulties. Hopefully we can keep this small society going. Those interested in joining a South African Free and Critical Thinkers email network please send your emails to me, Marc Weinberg. Once we have critical mass, this society can truly carry-on in earnest. I've left the 2001 programme online to show everyone what we managed to achieve in the past. Obviously useful criticisms and suggestions will help this fledgling society considerably.

Schedule - 2000

    1) Internal contradictions and inconsistencies of mainstream religions:

  • Historicity of religious events
  • Apologetics and criticisms
  • Originality of religious texts and documents

    Meeting scheduled for Friday 14th April 2000 at Theresa's home, no speaker confirmed.

    2) Freedom of Speech:

  • Limitations of offence - subversive language in modern society
  • Censorship
  • The definitions of hate speech

    Meeting scheduled for Friday 19th May 2000 at Marco's home, guest speaker: Prof. Alan Weinberg, lecturer, Dept. English - UNISA

    3) The power of suggestibility:

  • Hypnotism
  • Auto-suggestion
  • Indoctrination

    Meeting to be held on Friday 23rd June 2000 at Peter's place. Speaker is Dr. Trevor Modlin, medical doctor and hypnotherapist.

    4) Dependencies, Addictions and Obsessions:

  • The power of habits and physical dependencies
  • Drugs and psychological dependencies
  • Spiritual dependencies

    Meeting scheduled for Friday 21st July 2000 at Theresa's home. Speaker: Dr. Augustine Dewes, clinical psychologist.

    5) The popularity of pseudoscience:

  • Creationism vs. Evolution
  • Psychics, Clairvoyants, Mystics, etc.
  • The concept and reality of miracles, aliens, ghosts, fairies, etc.. vs. coincidence and fantasy

    Meeting was held on Friday 18th August 2000 at Marco's place. The Debate was between Marco Weinberg(for evolution) and Pastor Darrel Scheyer (for Creationists)

    6) The power and necessity of belief systems in a rational world:

  • Logic and rational thinking in society
  • Is rational thinking necessarily negated by religious/spiritual belief
  • Definitions of belief - where are lines drawn?
  • Self righteousness and morality

    Friday 28th September 2000 - meeting cancelled. Topic will be brought forward to a future meeting.

    7) What is Heaven and Hell?

  • The definition of Heaven and Hell and the role both play in today's religious climate
  • What is Good and Evil
  • Secular arguments based on philosophy (theology), history and psychology

    The meeting was held on Friday 27th October 2000 at Jean Marie and Maralyn Julienne's place. Alan Weinberg chaired the meeting. Peter Brossy made the opening presentation. Please click here if you'd like to view Peter's presentation.

    8) Conventional and Alternative Medicine:

  • Holistic health, Alternative medicines
  • Faith healing and psychosomatic conditions
  • The abilities and limitations of modern medicine

    Meeting to be held on Friday 24th November 2000. Dr. Michael Stewart, specialist scientist and expert in traditional medicines from Wits Medical School will present the orthodox medical perspective. Dr. Danny Pillay, Chairperson of the Homeopathic Association of South Africa will present the alternative or homeopathic medical perspective. Venue is at Marco's place. note: this is the last meeting for the year.

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