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Working with children age 4 to 17 years to develop an awareness of safety - being safe - playing safe - living safe. Helping youth to bring this awareness into the workplace to work safe.  

To work with and develop effective relationships and partnerships with business, government and the community to create education and recognition programs for children and youth on safety issues. Safety in the home, community and the workplace.

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December 7th, 2001

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Did You Know:

In Canada injuries are the leading cause of death of Canadians up to age 44. Injuries kill more people between the ages of one and 20, than all other causes of death combined. And injuries cost the health care system more than 13.2 billion dollars every year.

Source: Statistics Canada and Canada Safety Counsel.

It is estimated that every year in Canada there are 130 farm-related deaths. 1,200 people are hospitalized from farm-related injuries and 50,000 people sustain farm-related injuries requiring them to either seek medical attention or to take a day away from normal work activities. Of all agriculture-related injuries, 65% of fatal injuries and 50% of injuries requiring hospitalization are related to the use of agricultural machinery. The very young and the elderly are at the greatest risk of injury on the farm.

Source: Canadian Agricultural Injury Surveillance Program (CAISP) Estimates, AAFC and CCASRH.

Safety Should Always Be ON!

Employees are far more likely to suffer an injury at home, on the road or during leisure activities than on the job. Off-the-job injuries vastly outnumber those suffered on the job. The Canada Safety Council estimates that 90 per cent of the injuries that keep employees away from work occur outside the workplace. In some organizations, off-the-job-injuries resulting in absenteeism outnumber those suffered on the job by a ratio of as much as 20 to 1.

The absence of a capable employee may jeopardize important schedules. The company may have to spend time and resources to hire and train a new person. Whether or not the injured person is replaced, it's likely productivity will suffer. In cases of prolonged absence, corporate disability insurance premiums may go up.

Safety is not a switch that is turned on at work. Employees have fewer on-the-job accidents when safety is part of their value system and lifestyle.



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