Symbion's History

As written by Mantor the Wise

Part I Introduction

I am not an historian, nor a writer of note; I am Mantor, a Sectaur of honor and duty, responsible to myself and my race. I am knowledgeable of Ways Past and Future, of reasons and actions not known to all. Inevitably, the crucial task of chronicling these events falls to me.

Reading this, you are my witness: To you I swear the truth.

I begin now to fulfill my obligation, as best I am able. . .

On Symbion you understand, there is one sin so dark that forgiveness is forever denied; a crime so heinous that punishment is everlasting - Pride. In our Pride, we Symbiots have assumed the perfection known only to the Greater Powers. And Symbiots have been punished for this from the Beginning, since the Powers cast out Evil. . .

But still Pride persists. Each time he commits this sin, the Symbiot assumes he is the exception to the rule - his is the right to achieve perfection. The repetitive tragedy of exile, destruction and disgrace tells much of Symbiot's true nature.

And so it was. The Ancient Ones of Symbion assumed it was their right - further, their duty - to continue their technological advances until perfection was achieved. Not content with the virtual Paradise they inhabited, they strove to control all aspects of the environment, including their genetic future.

In their Pride, the Ancients were not aware that they did not fully understand, nor could they control, the changes their experiments set in motion.

Their failure was complete: A Cataclysm destroyed their Paradise and their race. The planet was left a barren, desolate place and we are left as the only survivors. We are a new race; our origins remain mysterious and unknown to this day.

We are the Sectaurs.

You must understand: The Sectaurs engage in that age old struggle - the struggle common to all intelligent creatures - good against evil. Sophisticated and intense, we are trying our best to prevail in a difficult world not of our own making. The battle of good against evil rages still, as individually we represent the attributes all beings share with our brothers in history.

There is a lesson to be learned here, Fellow Travellers on this journey of Life. I pray this message reaches you in time!

Take heed; learn well; be aware. Even now you may be poised on the same brink of disaster, destruction, calamity. . .

Perhaps tomorrow, the pages that follow will be your history.

Part  II

Story Line I, Environment

From centuries ago to centuries to come,
Standing as the most profound indictment of Ancient Ones' Ways,
A world unto itself, divided as clearly as Heaven and Hell:

Symbion, Land of the Sectaurs!

Story Line II, Symbion
A Paradise Lost

At the center of a tiny galaxy in the far reaches of the universe is the planet Symbion. War torn and ravaged by calamity, Symbion yet remains:

the best of all worlds, the worst of all worlds.

A virtual paradise of fertile land and hospitable clime in ancient times, the race of Ancient Ones prospered on Symbion for aeons. As increasing sophistication brought unimaginable technological advances, including control over every aspect of their environment, the inevitable happened: Technological experiments failed, the paradise began to collapse and a Great Cataclysm began. Realizing that life as they knew it could not survive this Cataclysm, the Ancients sealed the legends of their race and the secrets of their technology in bio-control centers (called "hyves") scattered across the planet.

The extinction of the Ancients gave rise to chaos; and the planet became a harsh and foreboding world where warring tribes struggled for survival. The environment first became unstable, then deranged, creating all manner of strange weather and mutated creatures. Among these creatures, only the strong survived.

Both good and evil, the best and the worst evolved: The SECTAURS.

A New Race Evolves

The true and specific origin of the race of Sectaurs is shrouded in mystery. Are they a natural evolutionary development whose origins trace back to the Ancients? Are they the direct result of the Ancients Ones' technological experiments? A direct result of the Cataclysm itself? The answer, if there be an answer, is sealed in a hyve of the Ancients.

There are two predominant species of Sectaurs - the humanoid warriors and the insectoids. Although the insectoids are on a lower evolutionary order, they are intelligent creatures who communicate telepathically with their more human counterparts.

Through the intricate ritual of telebonding, warriors can establish a permanent psychic link with a particular beast. The consciousness of the two Sectaurs is melded instantly and completely. There is no need for verbal command or communication between the two, because each knows the other's thoughts at once. Warrior and Steed become a single entity.

Story Line IV, The Dark Domain and the Shining Realm
A World at War

As the race of Sectaurs grew and developed, two major kingdoms began to emerge: The Dark Domain (ruled by the Empress Devora) and the Shining Realm (ruled by King Markor, the Mighty).

Why the race divided so dramatically into good and evil is again a matter of conjecture. One legend has it that King Markor sired both Dargon, the heir apparent of Symbion and Spidrax, the General of the Empress' arm, and an intense rivalry between the brothers polarized the two. Another legend hints at a close bond between Dargon and Spidrax set into motion before the cataclysm - and a genetic experiment gone mad. But whether the Ancients have sealed this secret in a hyve or whether this is a secret never to be revealed, the fact remains that these two Sectaurs are equally matched opposites.

Although the Ancients disappeared from the planet, their ways were not entirely lost. Certain Sectaurs, somehow genetically marked by the Ancients, formed a secret society to gather the lost knowledge, to store it and to probe its secrets. Calling themselves the Keepers of the Way, these dedicated scholars desperately searched for the ancient hyves. Their efforts were hindered however, by the need for extreme secrecy. Since most of the inhabitants of Symbion blamed the current state of the planet on the Ancients, anyone found possessing ancient knowledge was branded a sorcerer, and put to death.

And yet, as centuries passed, the Keepers slowly grew in knowledge, numbers and power.

Story Line V, The Quest
A Race Against Time

The tension and warring between the Dark Domain and Shining Realm continued sporadically through the centuries. Unbeknown to King Markor, the Empress is now marshalling her armies and beginning of her plan to seize control of all of Symbion.

Meanwhile, tragedy strikes the Shining Realm: While on a mysterious mission, King Markor and his escort vanish. Markor's cautious brother, Galken, is named Regent of the throne. Galken is a fine warrior but a weak leader. When the people of the Shining Realm learn that the Empress' forces have uncovered one of the minor outpost control hyves left behind by the Ancients, and that her armies have begun an immediate and all-out search for the Legendary Great Hyve of Ancient Wonders, there is a general outcry for action.

Aided by Mantor, King Markor's wise Chief Counsel, Markor's son, Dargon, is convinced that it is his responsibility to prevent the secret s of the Ancients from falling into the hands of the Empress. Although he is still a young man, as the rightful heir to the throne, it is Dargon's duty to stand against the Empress, to stop the spread of her evil Empire!

As the two forces race against time in their quest for discovery, a third force, the Keepers, stands in the shadows, waiting. . .

Mantor's Closing Comment

And so it has been written.

But there is so much more to tell. If the forces of Fate are kind I will
return to continue. I can only pray that it is not too late to tell my tale.
For my time is growing short.

Fare thee well. And take heed of what I have shared. For it is knowledge
that will bring you success beyond your wildest dreams.

On that you have my sacred word as a true chronicler of Symbion.


Mantor the Wise


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