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Hamid Al Amidi
(Sheikh Musa Azmi)


Teacher(s)/Instructor(s): Nazeef Bey, Ismail Haqqi Afandi, Khulusi Afendi, Amin Afendi, Ahmad Kamil Afendi

Students: (Tukish) Mustafa Haleem Afendi, Hasan Chalbi, Badawi Derani, Khusro Sobashi, Husain Qotlo, Ahmad Fateh, Zia Aaideen, Khattat Rafa'at, (Saudi Arabia): Ahmad Zia Ibrahim, (Iraq): Hashim Muhammad Baghdadi, Yousuf Zanoon, Ali Ravi, Marwan-ul-Harb, Jannat & Izzat, (Japan): Mina Ko, Salahuddin Sherzad


Place of Birth: Amid, Diyar-e-Bakr



Musa Azmi, one of Turkey's most famous modern calligraphers. Hamid was a student of many famous calligraphers: Haci Hafiz Bey, Kamil Akdik, Hulusi Efendi and Ismail Hakki Altunbezer. Hamid worked as a teacher of calligraphy from 1910- until 1912, then as a cartographer at the Military College until 1918,
before devoting himself full-time to the practice of his art. He copied the Holy Qur'an twice and did the inscriptions on the Sisli Mosque in Istanbul. The decoration is based on a traditional style of manuscript illumination.

Courtesy: islamicart.com

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