5 October 99

Hi Jebi,

I have changed jobs since I last emailled everyone with an update on what I was up to.

So you can put on the website or wherever, that I am living in Wellington, have two children - Tehaaora Alapati who is nearly 9 and Sina Nafanua who is 3 and a half. I was, for the last three years, the University's Pacific (Islands) Liaison Officer and I have recently become the Manager of the Liaison Office at Victoria University of Wellington. The Liaison office essentially is the recruiting arm of the University and course advice centre for potential students. All students interested in attending Vic come through us. Life is extremely hectic now and balancing job and kids and interests and whatever(!) is an interesting exercise!!!

Cheers Mele

F.y.i. - you can add in : Married to Maiava (his title - not that anyone ever uses it! Especially ME!! ha,ha!) Etuati Ete son of a faife'au and actor ( literally ) Island Bay ,Wellington,