A Life Worth Contemplating
By Heidi H
Disclaimers- These are not my characters and I am 
making no money off of them.
Ratings-Sam/Donna, a life can take so many 
unimaginable twists and turns
Sequel To A Life Worth Needing
Donna walked into her apartment and cried.  Her 
baby was growing up so fast and she wasn’t there 
to witness any of it.  She wished that things 
could have been different, but she knew that she 
needed to move on with her life and forget about the 
past.  That was easier said than done.
Sam picked up the phone and dialed Josh’s 
personal phone.  He needed to talk to someone about what 
Laurie had done.  Sam also needed to find out if 
Donna could take legal action to get her child 
back.  He wanted her to play a role in Bradley’s 
life, but didn’t want that role to come at the 
expense of his.  
Josh couldn’t believe the things Sam was telling 
him about Laurie.  He knew that her call girl 
past would someday come back to haunt Sam and 
Bradley and now it was actually happening.  Josh told 
his best friend to keep things under wraps and to 
not talk to Donna until he could check things 
out.  Josh hoped that he could work out a solution 
that gave Sam his rights and restored Donna’s.
Josh quietly gathered Toby and CJ and filled them 
in on the details.  They couldn’t believe that 
Laurie had destroyed Donna because she was jealous 
and taken a child away from the most deserving 
parent they could ever hope for.  CJ thought back 
to how hateful she had been to Donna during all 
those months.  She felt immensely guilty.  Toby had 
tried to stay out of the whole mess, but he to 
felt guilty because he had testified against her.  
They also found out the harassment of phone calls 
and vandalism wasn’t Donna, but had been Laurie 
trying to get them on her side.  They all knew 
that they had a lot of actions to atone for inside 
their hearts.
Sam couldn’t believe that Josh wanted him to tell 
Donna the truth.  Josh thought that they would 
have a better chance to work out an agreement if 
they approached her out of court.  Sam knew that 
the courts could overrule the original decision 
because of misconduct on behalf of the original 
judge.  Sam called Donna and set up a lunch meeting, 
but didn’t tell her that Josh was going to be 
there to “supervise” things.  He hoped that they 
could reach a custody agreement over an hour lunch 
with no problems.  
Donna arrived at the restaurant with mixed 
feelings.  She didn’t quite know what to expect and was 
a little apprehensive about meeting her ex 
husband for lunch.  She approached the table and saw 
that Josh was there too.  Donna wasn’t too happy to 
see him, considering what he had told her in the 
They wasted no time getting down to business.  
They wanted to make a custody deal because, as Josh 
put it, Bradley needed a mother figure in his 
life and she was it.  Sam said that he wanted her to 
get to know Bradley and that it was something 
they both needed.  Josh and Sam were trying to bully 
her into signing a custody agreement and she knew 
it.  Josh was twitching and Sam was smiling too 
much for a man who had just lost his wife.  
Working with these people for over three years had 
taught her alot and she was smart enough to realize 
that something more was going on.  
Donna told them that she wasn’t sure if she was 
ready to step back into Bradley’s life and take on 
a role that she had never got to play.  She 
looked directly at them both and said she needed to 
take to a lawyer to explore new possibilities in 
the custody placement of her child.  Working in 
daycare and dealing with the state agencies had also 
taught her how to use the right words to put the 
fear of God into people.  

She smiled and walked
out of the restaurant and went back to work.
Sam and Josh looked at each other with worried 
expressions gracing their faces.  Donna wasn’t 
about to be played for a fool now.  They could only 
hope that she didn’t take it to court.


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