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Our purpose, by designing this website, is adding some to the Turkish-Greek Friendship that has gained speed for last times. Now, when we live the 21st century, it is time to give up the old enmities and to work for the favour for both nations. Indeed everyone knows that these two nations have no problem, only two governments have some problems, but they can be solved. But the bills of both governments' adventures have been paid by these nations in different times of history. Anymore it is time to learn something as a result of our faults... And we first said that "we are first humans, then whatever we are" and designed this web site. Lastly aren't we two different fruits of the SAME GARDEN ?





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Disclaimer : This site is a civil attempt of a Greek Cypriot boy and a Turkish boy in order to promote peace and harmony between two nations. We do not have a political or a govermental purpose.