This is the center for the works of writing the members of Sampetra have submitted. Unfortunetly, the files we had from the previous library mysteriously disappeared along with the former owner of the library. However, I'm dedicated to making the largest selection of Redwall FanFic again!

Last Updated: June 7, 2002 - I, Frostbite, am the Librarian for Sampetra. If you are interested in submitting, you will send everything relating to the library including questions, stories, poems, or suggestions directly to me. Any and all abuse of this privalage will be monitored and harshly acted upon. I am not in charge of the club or it's closing down. Asking me to speak to Ublaz about his decision will be a big mistake. I support his every decision. Otherwise, you are welcome to enjoy the many works of writing here in the library.

Also, remember to title your works, because from now on, I'll be giving stupid names to the literature submitted. It's long hard labor for me to think up clever stuff, so help me out a little.

Special thanks to Rakesi this update. Check out the Missions page for why.

The records of quests completed by vermin for the glory of Sampetra.
The ideas that were put down on paper as pure FanFic.
An inspirational piece created by a spur of the moment incident.
The life stories of the vermin who make their berth at Sampetra.