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Scientology - Cause of the Controversy   Documents the actions of the Church of Scientology to expose psychiatric crime and the subsequent campaign run against the Scientology religion.  

Athena Children's Scientology School in Sydney Sydney Morning Herald article on the Scientology Athena School, a non-denominational school from pre-school to year 10.

Yahoo.au Scientology Directory Yahoo Australia & NZ: Scientology - Comprehensive list of resources on the Scientology religion, its beliefs, practices and activities.  

Yahoo.au Scientology News and Media News releases and magazines on the Church of Scientology.

National Library of Australia  Resources for information on non-Christian religions in Australia.

Founding Church of Scientology Commemorates the grand opening of the new home for the Founding Church of Scientology, including a transcript of the speech by Mr. David Miscavige.


Founding Church of Scientology: Welcome   Scientologists from around the world take pride in the new home of the Founding Church of Scientology.  Take a virtual tour.

Dave Cooke's Corner Find resources on botany, classical music and the Scientology religion.


www.comeonaussie.com/categories/arts.html Covers various aspects of Australian culture.


www.scientology.org.au Scientology improves conditions in life and provides real spiritual answers.  Learn more about Scientology.  





Cruise thrills fans
... The actor told the BBC his belief in Scientology helped him understand


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 the Church of Scientology International...


Cruise blesses faith for his Samurai prowess
... Tom Cruise credits Scientology for the inner peace and ... about personally witnessing how Scientology has helped ...


Scientology beat dyslexia: Cruise
... gave Cruise a picture book on The US Church of Scientology, founded by ...


Print Article: Showbiz bytes 14/07/03
... he learned to overcome his learning disability through Scientology. ...


Jakarta indymedia - webcast news
... Confirms Church of Scientology New Zealand spokesman Mike ...


Interview with Lisa Marie Presley - Elvis Presley Interviews
... By: Piers Beagley / Elvis Australia - May 17, 2003 Source: Larry King ... How did you discover Scientology? ...


Rolling Stone Interview With Lisa Marie Presley - Elvis Presley ...
... News of their union leaked out slowly -- of a marriage in ... She says that she recently went to the Scientology center in ...


Kate Ceberano: Enough Rope, episode 21, transcript
... One of Australia's most beloved singers, please welcome the warm, dynamic, life-oozing Kate Ceberano. ... Kate Ceberano: Hi! ... We'll talk about Scientology ...


Kate Ceberano Official Website - www.kateceberano.com
... LA that is part of the Church of Scientology and she ... for your latest hit "Pash" what you expected in Australia? Kate: I was surprised by the response, since I ...







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At-LA.com Scientology
Scientology - Columbia Encyclopedia
Scientology Directory: All Things Spiritual
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Church of Scientology
Marburg Journal of Religion: Scientology
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Ask a Scientology Expert
Signature Books - Church of Scientology
Selectsmart - Scientology
President, Church of Scientology International
Scientology - Clergy Corner
KC Star - Scientology
Scientology Groups Yahoo



President, Church of Scientology International on Religious Tolerance
All Things Spiritual: Scientology Directory
@LA.com Scientology Directory
Scientology Beliefs
Scientology, the Doctrine of Clarity
Official Scientology Web Site
Marburg Journal of Religion: L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology
Clergy Corner - Scientology
Columbia Encyclopedia - Scientology
Center for Studies on New Religions - Scientology Articles
Scientology Experts
More people in KC finding way to Scientology's Door
Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance: Scientology
Yahoo Scientology Groups
Church of Scientology
Athena Children's Scientology School in Sydney
Yahoo.au Scientology Directory
Yahoo.au Scientology News and Media
National Library of Australia - Scientology Resources
Founding Church of Scientology
Founding Church of Scientology: Welcome
Dave Cooke's Corner
Interfaith Australia
Scientology - Cause of the Controversy

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