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Corey Zadorozny

Corey Zadorozny a.k.a. Cuddy Dawson
Cuddy was born on the muddy banks of the Ottawa Valley in the early spring of 1977. As the son of two very successful musicians, Cuddy blossomed as a drummer at a very young age. By his third birthday, Cuddy was given a drum set from his fiddlin' father and has never looked back.

Throughout his childhood Cuddy studied his brother Jordon's rare record collection. He had fully mastered the techniques of many popular jazz and funk drummers at the ripe age of eight. To friends' and family's surprise, Cuddy joined his first band, The King Louie Katz, led by his brother, by the time he turned nine and a half.

Time moved slow in his hometown of Pembroke, Ontario, and the desire to jump into the fast lane of rock n' roll was eating Cuddy alive. Hence, he sped off to the shores of Montreal at fifteen and soon became one of the city's most sought after drummers.

Throughout the next seven years, Cuddy could be seen jumping from one band to another, unfortunately he never happened to stumble upon a group of musicians that used his remarkable capabilities as a percussionist to his advantage, thus becoming quite distraught and subsequently quit the music business and returned to his second love, hockey.

As a child, Cuddy also excelled between the pipes of many of the Ottawa Valley's hockey organizations. His quick glove and astounding flexibility got him the starting spot on the Ottawa 67's roster at the age of thirteen. Thus, when music failed Cuddy, he saw himself dedicating his life once again to stopping pucks at the local rinks in and around Montreal.

However, as fate would have it, it is in on these rinks where Cuddy met an aspiring musician with a wicked wrist shot and a heart of gold. This young go-getter was Sam Roberts. And as time passed on and games were won, Sam soon found out that Cuddy, too, was a man of music. Surely if he was as good behind the kit as he was in front of the net, then Let There Be Rock. The two left the ice for the stage, and thus is the continuing saga of a young drummer/goalie from Pembroke's chance meeting with a winger/singer from Montreal.