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*The bios are from the official Sam Roberts website.


Dave Nugent

Nuge "Hollywood" Nugent
Born and raised in Pembroke Ontario, the saga of Dave Nugent begins with an idyllic childhood. By all accounts he was a happy child, his baby blue peepers, angelic blond hair, and mischievous smile posed a triple threat that could melt even the most barren woman's icy stare. What the unsuspecting public didnít know, was that young David was born with complete knowledge of modern music production and electronics.

He recorded his first words at two. By three his baby stylings had taken France by storm, netting him a French platinum, (AKA Plantine no relation to the bananaesque fruit), record and 3 number one hits. By four his movie star looks and his habit of wearing extremely dark sunglasses in studio so he could record by feel, had earned him the nickname "Hollywood."

Between 1980 and 1985, working under a variety of pseudonyms, Dave produced every single album that went multiplatinum in the United States. His skills it seemed knew no bounds. It appears that sometime during the summer of 1988, during a brief hiatus from production, he was contacted by the ultra secretive "Robin's Egg" paramilitary group. Sources indicate that Dave had been working on an ultra low frequency recording for the US Army and had pulled the plug on the project. Apparently Robins Egg caught wind of it. Although the details are sketchy and Dave refuses to comment on this time of his life, it seems likely that Dave's knowledge of sonic destruction and his teen beat appearance proved enticing to the group.

Intelligence reports show that within weeks he was in a Honolulu back alley strategizing with Jimmy Wu, the Child Gangster of Kowloon. It happened to be the alleyway that a certain Sam Roberts was using to avoid Papa Razzi, the genre revolutionizing Italian tabloid photographer. There was an altercation and when the dust settled, Sam's hockey dreams lay shattered beside him on the concrete. It was a sobering sight for Dave, even though it was barely visible through his dark sunglasses. And so it was that at twelve years old, less than a year after joining the EGG, he hung up his beret and headed to Costa Rica. He built a studio with his own hands in the canopy of the Costa Rican jungle and christened it ECO 1. There he continued to produce mega hit after mega hit using only the awesome power of nature. It seems like it was only a matter of time before he received a package from then little known Canadian artist Sam Roberts.

"I guess it was around Christmas 2000 that I received the demo, there wasnít too much info, just the name Sam Roberts with a contact address. I put it on and something clicked, my engineer Red was running around in circles, I've never seen a sloth move so fast."

Arrangements were made for Sam to record at ECO 1 and several weeks later Sam found his way to the canopy. "I was in bed with Malaria when he walked in, I thought I was hallucinating. He walked over to the bamboo organ and started playing old Hockey arena anthems, a tear ran down his cheek and he made like he was going to kick me, then he said "lets make some Rock and Roll."

Bonded by trauma, the two quickly forged a tight friendship. By fall 2001 Dave "Hollywood" Nugent had left the trees to play lead guitar for Sam.