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Sam Roberts
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*The bios are from the official Sam Roberts website.


James Hall

Jimmy played the bass

Until recently, the details of Jimmy's early life were sketchy. However, on January 15 2002, thanks to the tireless efforts of Scotland Yard and the miracle of DNA, some light was shed on his infancy.

New evidence confirmed Jimmy as the lost son of Hong Kong business czar Montgomery Hall. It seems that following a daring Central District daylight abduction in 1976, he was taken to mainland China. When ransom demands weren't met, he was sent to the Gobi desert where exiled Wudan Kung Fu masters raised him.

Jimmy recalls that his Masters instructed him from a very early age in the art of Wudan Kung Fu, the marital arts, and the ancient rites of the criminal underworld. When he came of age at 12, he was unleashed on the unsuspecting Hong Kong Triads. Within two years his ascent was nearly complete, the only obstacle being the elusive and deadly criminal mastermind General Chang.

While the exact details are unknown due to an unprecedented United Nations gag order, it appears that at this point Jimmy enlisted the help of the mercenary group Robins Egg whose political attaché was none other than a 12 year old Dave "Hollywood" Nugent, the virtuoso rock producer.

The two arranged to meet in a Honolulu back alley situated in the heart of the city's toughest "quartier." We're all aware that had certain Sam Roberts chosen not to duck into the very same alleyway, he would never have been beaten by Jimmy's right hand man Vincent Liu and never learned to rock and roll. But the incident also impacted Jimmy. For some inexplicable reason, the young criminal overlord was instantly plagued with remorse for all his wrongdoings. His teachers had prepared him for this affliction, known to them as gil ti, but he couldn't withstand its consistency. Within a year Jimmy had given up his crusade against General Chang, leaving crime behind in favor of teaching his incredibly unresponsive fingers to play bass.

Nothing was heard of him until August 2002, when he contacted Sam. "It was like there was something guiding my hands, I can't figure out why I called and how I knew the phone number. We talked and both of us realized that that day in Honolulu had changed both of our lives forever." By the end of the conversation he was booked on a flight to Montreal and within days was jamming with the band. "I couldn't believe my eyes when I walked in and saw "Hollywood" Nugent strapped to a guitar, it was Rock and Roll destiny."