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Sam Roberts
Corey Zadorozny
Dave Nugent
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James Hall

*The bios are from the official Sam Roberts website.

Thank Yous:

Shelly - Thanks for taking the time to look at my sites and give me your opinion, it's greatly appreciated.

- Thanks for all your support during the process of creating this site. Whether it's been by looking at and judging my ideas that I have come up with and you've been a great inspiration

Randy - You've supported me since my very first website, and when I said I was thinking of starting this one you said go for it. Thanks for all your support.

Chad - Thanks for your help, you've given me ideas and helped shape the design of the site.

Dave Spencer - Thanks for all your help. I have had quite a few questions thus far and you've answered them all.

To everyone else that have helped, I thank you, you helped form this site as well