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Sam Roberts
Corey Zadorozny
Dave Nugent
Eric Fares
James Hall

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The Inhuman Condition:

1) Don't Walk Away Eileen
2) Brother Down
3) Where Have All The Good People Gone?
4) When Everything Was Alright
5) My Love Is Freeing
6) This Is How I Live

All tracks written by: Sam Roberts
Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Keyboard: Sam Roberts
Drums, Percussion: Jordon Zadorozny
Echo vocals on "Brother Down": Andrew Rodriguez
Ebow #1 on "Brother Down" : Andrew Rodriguez
Ebow #2 on "Brother Down" : Dave Nugent
Bass #2 on "When Everything Was Alright": Jordon Zadorozny
Produced and Engineered by: Jordon Zadorozny
Mastered at Umbrella Studios by: Joao Carvahlo

Photography, artwork and design by: Michael Halminen

(p) 2001 Secret Weapon (c)  2002 MapleMusic Recordings
All songs written by Sam Roberts Secret Brain/Universal Music Publishing, a division of Universal Studios Canada Limited

Special Thanks to:
Farakesh-Mahesh, Dan, Nuge, Cuddy, Daves, Ivan, James, Jzed, Matty LeMay, Dids, Jen, Linda, Jodie, Mom and Dad, ny bros, the generals, the coloniales, the Ruskinites and of course the one and only Mike-Anthony Legario