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Sam Roberts
Corey Zadorozny
Dave Nugent
Eric Fares
James Hall

*The bios are from the official Sam Roberts website.


We Were Born In A Flame

Canadian Tracklisting:
1) Hard Road
2) Where Have All The Good People Gone?
3) Brother Down
4) Higher Learning
5) Dead End
6) Taj Mahal
7) Every Part Of Me
8) The Canadian Dream
9) Rarefied
10) On The Run
11) Don't Walk Away Eileen
12) No Sleep
13) This Wreck Of A Life
14) Paranoia

Non-Canadian Tracklisting:
1) Hard Road
2) Don't Walk Away Eileen
3) Brother Down
4) Where Have All The Good People Gone?
5) Taj Mahal
6) Every Part Of Me
7) Higher Learning
8) Rarefied
9) On The Run
10) No Sleep
11) This Wreck Of A Life
12) Dead End
13) Paranoia

All songs written and arranged by Sam Roberts
Published by Secret Brain/Universal Music Publishing,
a division of Universal Music Canada Inc.

Produced & Engineered by Brenndan McGuire
with the exception of Track 11
Mixed by Brenndan McGuire
with the exception of Track 5, 9, 10, 11
Digital Editing by Graham Brewer

Track 5, 9, 10, Mixed by David J. Holman at
Cactus Studio, Hollywood, CA
Track 11 Produced, Mixed & Engineered
by Jordon Zadorozny

Mushroom Studios
Scott Ternan, Assistant Engineer
Shawn Penner, Runner
Valerie Biggin, Studio Manager
Krista MacDonald, Assistant

Armoury Studios
Misha Rajaratnam Assistant Engineer
Rob Stefanson, Runner
Jane Dittrich Studio Manager

George Donoso played drums on all tracks with the
exception of "Don't Walk Away Eileen"
Jordon Zadorozny played drums on
"Don't Walk Away Eileen"

Sam Roberts played all instruments
other than drums on all tracks

Additional percussion, keyboard, guitar and backing
vocals contributed by Corey Zadorozny, Eric Fares,
James Hall, and Dave Nugent.
Violin on "Taj Mahal" performed by Sam Roberts
Horns on "Taj Mahal" and "Every Part of Me"
performed by Steve Hilliam, Chris Startup, Derry
Byrne, Henry Christian and Rod Murray

Recorded at Mushroom Studios, Vancouver B.C.
Mixed at The Armoury Studios, Vancouver B.C.
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering Studios, Portland ME
A&R (US): Tom Mackay, Sinji Suzuki
A&R (Canada): Allan Reid
Design and Art Direction: Blue Source
Cover Photography: Jeremy Murch
Band Photography: Paul Alexander
Live Photography: Andy Scheffler
Managment: Dave Spencer Management Inc
Legal: Chris Taylor and Stacey Mitsopulos
Booking (Canada) Jack Ross @ The Agency Group (Toronto)
Booking (US) Jon Pleeter @ The Agency Group (Los Angeles)

Thank You
The Nuge, Cuddy, Jimmy, Pharaoh, Jenny Jane, Dave Misiewicz-Spencer the third, M.C. Guire, George Donoso, Mike-Anthony Legare, Mom and Pops, My Bros:  Dan, Tom and Allister, I van J, D.D, the Wordwide Duvals, the Robertses, Mr Sevadjian, Father Lawrence, Linda Bush Wacker,  Jodie, Jig(s), Uncle Jack, Patty, Amanda and the Ships @ the Eddplant, Sarah M., Kim, Grant and the Good People at Maple, J Zed, Presseau, Cyril Otis, C.T. and Stacey, Ralph  G., Jackie Gadoury, the Nugents, the Halls, the Fareses, Pete Dawson, Carol Kennedy, Dr. Al and Mrs. Legare, the Spencers/Misiewiczs, Missy, Katrine De Bin, MJ, Matt LeSmoke and the Pemmie Town Wild Boys, Master Andy, Val, Scott, Shawn and Krista at Mushroom, Misha, Jane, Rob and Scott at the Armoury, Dave, Lance, Chin, Ryan and Kurt for the axes and skins, Monte and Avery Lipman, Tommy Mac, Sinji, Senior Reid, Paul J., and the Good people @ Universal Canada, Les Habitants de Montreal, and especially to all our friends.