Baby Dedication Ceremony
Sunday: June 4, 2006
Once a year Richland Baptist Church (RBC) has a baby dedication ceremony in the morning service, at which time parents who have had children in the past year can choose to take part. It is usually a very simple occasion, on which the parents want to publicly commit that they will raise their child in the Lord and his ways. As a result of Samuel not being able to be out in public places, we had a baby dedication ceremony at David and Linda's house. Many of Ginny's family was able to be there, some driving over from Seattle; Pastor Stanley and his wife Jean were able to come, and Monique' and Huey were in town that week so it worked out pretty well.
(l-r) Cindy, Russ, Jean, Mel, Summer, Jane, Ordie, Pam, David, Nichole, Samuel, Joe, Ginny, Jim, Charlotte, Cameron, Linda, Monique' and Huey
Pastor Stanley and Jean with Joe, Ginny and Samuel
Linda with Samuel: Linda made the Dedication gown, which she designed from several different patterns, handsmocked, handbeaded, and made with love
Joe, Ginny and Samuel
Cameron, Ginny, Joe, Samuel, Pam, Ordie and Jim
Joe, Ginny, Samuel and Monique'
Are smiles genetic?
Look at those teeth!