Welcome Welcome to Hitokiri Dojo~Nyo!  ^.^ I am your lord and master shinta! heh, ok so maybe i'm not your lord and master, just the webmistress.  Hitokiri Dojo is basicly dedicated to art, anime, poetry, and Kenshin X Sano yaoi. Go ahead! Get comfy and take a look around!  Just be carefull, Its still under major construction and we wouldn't want any random  piece of something falling on you! ^^;

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I gladly give credit before using pictures/wallpaper.  The background came from http://www.animewallpapers.com If you see something that might have came from your website and has no credit on it just email me nicely and tell me your link and I promise to put it up! please don't yell or hurt me! ^^; Arigato!
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