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Samus Aran
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Hi... My name is SamusAran78, and I am a bounty hunter. And life for me isn't easy. I work full-time, I attend school full-time (trying to get out of "the business"), and then I sleep when I find the time. "So", you may ask, "What do you have time for? All work and no play, isn't a healthy lifestyle." This is true. That's why, when I get the opportunity I like to create backgrounds and characters for MUGEN. I could take up a hobby like smoking or balancing lawnmowers on my chin... but that stuff could kill you.
And if you are interested in helping with my Fushigi Yuugi game project check out my FY page!!! I need artists mostly.


10/25/05 - Happy Halloween Everyone. A big thanks to Larry Sanbrero for taking the time out of his day to compile my backgroud tutorial into a Windows Help File availible to download on my HELP page. He forever has my gratitude... thanks Larry!

6/18/05 - Hey believe it or not I am still around, I check my email every-so-often and try to help would-be MUGEN creators as best as I can. I also updated my Car Bonus Stage to fix a bug. Everyone stay cool!

1/27/03 - I hope everyone had a safe and happy new year! I am still here and still working on MUGEN projects (when I have the time) and I am still dedicated to answering questions to the best of my ability. One big question I have been getting is how did I get MUGEN to run in Windows XP? Well this is the exact file that was sent to me by the good person Squall Leonhart. I hope this works for your system. MugenCfg.

12/24/02 - Happy Holidays! I want to take this opportunity to thank Squall Leonhart for sending me a patch to make MUGEN run in Windows XP. I will plan to release an updated Bruce Lee, Bonus Stage, as well as a secret character I have been working on (off and on really) for some time now. Everyone have a safe and fun holidays. And don't forget to pick up Metriod Prime and Metriod Fusion!

11/27/02 - Hi everyone! Just a friendly reminder that I am still around, and I still visit the message boards. However I am unable to continue any creations right now. Why you say? I bought a new computer and Windows XP will not run MUGEN. So... I can just do what I can right now, which means help out where I can, redo my tutorials, support newbies, and just wait for a windows port. In the meantime my friends and I have started a independant film studio. It's still in the works but we have been shooting for awhile now. I'll keep everyone posted as I have more news.
10/20/01 - IMPORTANT NEWS: I have the sad news to inform my friends and fellow MUGEN collegues that my fiance Alison E. Reilly had passed away on October 10, 2001. She had been in the hospital for over 3 weeks and things were looking good, until the doctors noticed internal bleeding. She was the best thing that ever happened to me. She was 20 years old, but today would have been her 21st birthday. The way I see it is that God had given me a special gift, and even though it was given to me only a short time, I am now able to appreciate that gift even more. I will be back... I don't know when but sometime alittle down the road. If you need my email address it is samusaran78@hotmail.com

Background Creator for the Month of August

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Sorry - Due to personal issues the bcotm has been closed for the month of August. I do appologize. But please take a look at the prior months artists.

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