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S.M. Shahzad

Software Project Manager


28 years old


My areas of designing

  1. Distributed Application Development
  2. ERP System Development and Designing
  3. Distributed Database Application Development
  4. Web Development
  5. Desktop Application Development

My strong areas of programming

  1. Java AWT, Swing, Network programming(TCP/IP,UDP)
  2. Servlets, JSP, Hibernate, Struts, J2ME
  3. Java Scripts, HTML,XML, XHTML,AJAX
  4. VB,VC++

IDE which I have been using

  1. Borland JBuilder(5,6,7,8,2005)
  2. Oracle JDeveloper
  3. NetBeans(Sun Studio)
  4. Dreamweaver
  5. Textpad

Application and Web Servers

  1. Jakarta Tomcat Server
  2. Java Web Server

DBMS which I use comfortably

  1. MS SQL Server

2. My SQL

  1. MS Access.
  2. JData Store Server(Borland)

Documentation and formatting

  1. MS Office
  2. SUN star/Open Office



IT Managerial Experience

Ajjan Associates 2000-2002(Part time)

IT Manager Developed database application using MS Access. This application generates reports daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. Each domain of business has its own interfacing in this application.


Software Engineering and Development Experience

SoniqueLTD,UK June,2007 to Date (Software Project Manager and Senior Developer)

Currently working as software project manager, I took start as senior developer. I am involved in managing and developing of different software projects like media application, media managenemt app, content managemnt app, style management app, mobile application development, financial application development. Currently I am working of the following projects.I am also managing projects outsourced in Pakistan in different software houses.

leukaemiacare I am managing and developing this application for which is old version already running on web.This application is fully managed by the admin system which is part of this application. All the contents and being managed bye the Content Management System developed by me and my Team. Look and Style of application is totally managed from Style Management System. I have not used any 3rd part open source module to make them available in application. Me and my team developeds these systems 100% by our own.The key feature of this highly database driven fully customized application is, it has its own Style Editor and Content Management System which are fully customized. This is a very big media application providing facilities to the people to podcast, webcast, mobcast and broadcast their contens to their target people. I have restructure this application from PHP to J2EE in order make it more effective and efficient. Currently php version of the application is available on the Net but with in few weeks I m going to upload that new application. This appliaction features are countless I can not describe all of them in my profile but application it self will make its introduction available to you in better way. This application is actually mobile client applciation of myooch this applciation covers podcast facilities. You can download podcast using your any mobile phone of any resolution screen, this application is able to download and play the podcasts. This application can also upload and mange the podcast on the server using mabile phone. I have developed this application using J2ME technology and it is very light weight application. Mobooch is highly portable application on any mobile device but java enabled first. It connects to server and does all its communication using WebServices based architecture.

eFlik eFlick is the best application I have ever develped. This is the simple web site but web is only the introduction of the application. The actual application is desktop application which has been developed using vector graphics so look and feel is never less than any Flash,Silver light or JavaFX products. This application has been 100% pure Java swing based and its able to render any type of High definition contents. Users can manage,syndicate, broadcast their audio, vido, images , slide shows, and soundtracks in website of the world without havin panic process but with very simple process.

VotoBox This is a votting, ranking and rating web application. So the users can present their contents on this plat form and the will be entered in to a competition. This application is being developed in Web services architecture because its white lablings is the main target so this appliation can be install on any server side technology like Java, .Net and PHP.

SOFTMATICS® 2004-2006 (Full time)

Software Engineer

I have developed and updated existing ERP product called CAPEX (Capital Extension) a European Union project. This product purely developed on STRUTS, HIBERNATE frameworks including big support of AJAX techniques. There is a lot of work done at client side to format and doing some complex calculation at loading time using Java-Scripts.


SEANTECH® (Part time) 2004 - 2006

Senior Software Engineer and Team-Leader

I developed Electoral Vote Casting and Management System using Java Swing & AWT APIs

AGILE TECHNOLOGIES Software house and R&D 2002-2004

Software Developer and Programmer

Agile Technologies is an in-house software house.

I have been working there as software developer and Programmer as well. The major roles played by me in the follow major project developments.

Digitalization of the Urdu Encyclopedia(True representation of Unicode)

I have developed this project by using STRUTS and HIBERNATE, AJAX frame works this is totally thin client HTML, Java Script, XML based application. There is fantastic job done to save data in Unicode in DB at server side. In this application, true Unicode representation has been shown at client side as well.

Stock Exchange Management System

I have developed this system with having team of 4 programmers including me. I have been involved in the designing and development of this software.

This system has been developed totally in J2EE technology. So it is developed upon the multi-tier architecture. It is a totally thin client application.





TEACHING AND TRAINING PROGRAMMES(Part Time) Oct. 2002 to Dec. 2004

LSIT(Lahore School of Information Technology)

I have been teaching there no of programming languages like Java (Java1, Java2 and J2EE, J2ME), C++ (Structured, OOP, Data Structure and Graphics), desktop application development for Windows using VB and VC++ and Database Management System.



University of The Punjab Lahore, Pakistan
Obtained Masters in Computer Science in July 2004.

London School of Science and Technology
I have done
PGD in Distributed Computing Systems



I like to do research about DVB, JavaTV, J2ME & GIS(Geographical Information System).


Chris Ryan

Professor Mr. Zaidi


Sonique LTD, 020 8249 6007

MD,LSST (London) Cell: 208 795 3863