Ms American Rose San Antonio is pleased to announce a new positive pageant for girls and women of all ages, shapes, sizes and backgrounds from all over America! Miss San Antonio Elite and Miss American Elite is fun and exciting without the hassels of travel fees and wardrobe expenses and is open to females ages 12 to 112! Finally, a pageant with values, integrity and purpose open for everyone!
Everything is done professionally through the mail and online and will not interfere with your everyday life.
Here is all the information you will need, and if you have any questions feel free to email me personally.

Titles and Divisions:
Ages 12- 15 Jr. Miss San Antonio Elite
         16- 19 Miss Teen San Antonio Elite
         20- 24 Miss San Antonio Elite
         25- 35 Ms. San Antonio Elite
         36- 49 Ms. Classic San Antonio
         50 and up Ms Timeless San Antonio
There are plenty of beauty contests out there, but what set this pageant system apart is the judging criteria, which is based on a point system. There will be 3 judges whose points will be combined to achieve your grand total. There is a possibility of 25 points in each category and the contestant in each age division with the most points is the winner. All judging is final.
Here is the category breakdown:

25% Essay
25% Accomplishments
25% Community Involvement
25% Facial Beauty
There will be one winner and one runner up in each division.
Every contestant will receive a certificate and a copy of your scores and is considered San Antonio Royalty.
Runners up will receive a trophy, and all runners up will be in a drawing to receive a special gift.
Winners will receive their Title sash, gorgeous Crown and their picture on the Miss American Elite website.
Representing your Title:
Once you win, you are free to represent your title in as little or
as many community events and appearances as you wish.
You can be as active as your schedule allows or just use your
title on your resume of achievements. Keeping in mind that
Miss San Antonio Elite and Miss American Elite is a pageant system
of high morals, values and purpose all events in which you will be
representing your title must be approved by the main office
simply by
emailing me. In addition you are expected to exhibit
appropriate behavior while representing Miss San Antonio
Another exciting aspect to winning a title or any of the contests
and competitions throughout the year is winning the ultimate
title at the Awards Banquet.
Miss San Antonio Supreme will be
awarded to the person who makes the most appearances
and community events during the reigning year!
Join the Family:
Every contestant is considered a part of the Miss San Antonio
Elite and Miss American Elite
family and there will be several optional contests
throughout the reigning year. Check the website regularly for
the latest info.
Best of all, every contestant of any of the competitions held
throughout the year will be invited to various luncheons and
an Awards Banquet where every attendee will be recognized!
Donít miss this amazing opportunity-
enter today!

How to Enter:
Entering is so simple! You will need to submit an
Entry Package
Miss San Antonio Elite Headquarters.
email me for the complete mailing address.
Entry Package must include:
1) A sheet of paper legibly stating Your Name, Mailing
Address, Phone Number, Email Address and Birth date. Your
information will never be shared or seen by those outside of
Miss San Antonio Elite pageant staff.
2) A Personal Profile, which is 1 to 3 paragraphs describing
yourself, your community involvement, your school, career or
personal achievements, and your goals.
3) Essay in at least 50 words telling us why you want to be
Miss San Antonio Elite or Miss American Elite.
4) 1 to 3 recent photos. They do not need to be professional
but need to clearly show your face. Photos will not be returned
and inappropriate or obscene photos of any nature will
be accepted.
Itís that simple!

Important Dates and Deadlines:
Entry Packages must be received by May 21, 2007.
Judging will begin on
May 22, 2007.
Winners will be notified and posted on
May 25, 2007.
Prizes and certificates will be mailed out one week later.

Frequently Asked Questions:
∑ When and where will the pageant be held? The beauty
of this pageant is that everything is done through the mail and
online because we understand that everyone leads a busy
∑ Is there an age limit to the pageant? This pageant is
open to any female ages 12 and up!
∑ What if I donít win? Every contestant receives at least
a certificate and is considered to be San Antonio Royalty along
with invites to fun events throughout the year.
∑ Will there only be one pageant this year? Yes, for the
Titles listed above. However, there will be other contests
throughout the year, and everyone is eligible to enter so that
you have a chance to encourage everyone you know to enter
as well!
∑ When and where will the Awards Banquet be held? It
will be held right here in San Antonio. Details are To Be
Announced, but you will have plenty of notice.
∑ When does the Reigning year begin? The day Title
winners are posted (May 25, 2007) is the start of the Reigning
year and will last until next yearís pageant.
∑ How do I determine my age division? Your division is
determined by the age you are as of May 21, 2007. So, if you
are 19 years old when you send in your package but will be
turning 20 by the time May 21, 2007 rolls around then you will
go by that age and will be considered a Miss San Antonio Elite
∑ Can I have help writing my Essay? Younger contestants
may have help writing their essay, however it must be evident
that you completed it.
∑ Can my best friend enter? Certainly! Every female age
12 and up is encouraged to enter. The more contestants
there are the more fun it is especially during special events
and our Awards Banquet.
All other questions are welcomed by emailing me personally.
And the Winners are...
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Two Awesome Pageants to pick from:
Miss San Antonio Elite
Miss American Elite
Here is all the information you will need, and if you have any questions feel free to email me personally.

Titles and Divisions:
Ages 12- 15 Jr. Miss American Elite
         16- 19 Miss Teen American Elite
         20- 24 Miss American Elite
         25- 35 Ms. American Elite
         36- 49 Ms. Classic American
         50 and up Ms Timeless American