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A few page updates and link repairs on Jan 2008.

Here you will find links, information and support for sound and music on Amiga computers. Including sound cards, AHI information, sequencers, midi, related equipment, and my favorite sequencer, Bars & Pipes. Studio-Amiga Mailing list informaiton is included at the bottom of the page. Things are kind of quite in Amigaland lately, but there are still some of us out there. Some information and links may be out of date, but I'll try to fix them when I have time. If you mail me with bad links I will try to update them or delete them if they no longer exsist. See mailing informaiton at the bottom of the page.

I use and abuse Microsoft XP, Red Hat, HP and other Unix based systems, but Amiga will always be my favorite.

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For hundreds links to all things Amiga go here.

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Links, support, news, and information all things Bars & Pipes. Bars & Pipes code was released and made open source by Microsoft. Check the links to download the latest free version and PDF manual.
Links and information to sound / recording cards and AHI for Amiga.
Other Amiga sequencers, midi links and music efforts.
Equipment information. The basics you need to know to assemble your own personal midi setup or studio with links to equipment manufactures.
Any news relating Amiga and music. JAN 24 1998
Help getting Amiga online. Internet and TCP/IP links and support.
The best Amiga links to start with.
Add your support and comments. Connect with other Amiga music makers. Add your interest to a possible NG Amiga midi sequencer.
Read what other users had already commented on.
Basic info on your host. With a suprise pic?

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If you'd like to contact me about any thing Amiga, please E-mail me. But remove the .midi from my address first.

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