Visit the Goldmine?
Hi, My nickname is Lizard.  Why the bear? You'll just have to bear with me for that???
I was born in Marsden, South Shields in the middle of last century. Between the White Horse Pub and The Marsden Hotel. 100 yards from the Marsden Rock. Within 100 yds of the White Horse  on the hillside. Typical Geordie, born between two pubs?
When I was two and half years old, my family moved 100 miles south, depriving me of my native accent! ( unbearable???)
When became 19 years of age, I enlisted in theRoyal Bear Force (R.A.F. really) looking after the Queens rabbits? that's where I got the nickname Lizard.  If you can't stand anymore lousy bear jokes, click on any ad below,or if you want to know why they really call me lizard
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