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I am going to post some of the most useful URL's I have found for using paintshoppro7 on this page.  They will be basically for those who are starting from the ground up.  I know from personal experience how exasperated you can get having the tools at hand, but  being clueless how to use them.  Like I said, most of my information will be geared toward the use of version 7, for those familiar with psp, I am pretty certain they are usable in the older versions as well since the biggest thing is knowing where the functions are located, and all the little tricks to using them.  I hope to continuously add to this list, and if you notice a dead link, I would appreciate if you would email me with the information.
Here are some URL's I have found helpful for using vectors
Using vectors can be mind boggling without a little help I found this tutorial to be well written and for the most part understandable.  I did discover on my own that when you go to do the node placing and movement, it was necessary to right click the mouse and choose "node edit" from the menu  
This link is to  paintshop pro's own basic tips and tutorials