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Intense storm passing just to the north of Locke pond, all the while giving us this beautiful sunset.  Photo taken July '08
Sand-Locke Pond Association annual meeting Saturday July 26th 11:00am at Arthur Ridley's camp
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Ice out locke pond April 22nd
Finally, Winter 07 is over!  Ice out on Locke Pond was almost complete at 6:00pm on Sunday, April 22nd

To the left... one thing we never have a shortage of on Sand and Locke ponds are beautiful sunsets.  Here's one I caught on June 18th 2006.
Ice Out April 22nd Sand Pond
Above, ice out occurred on Sunday, April 22nd.  In this photo is my telescope, I spent Friday and Saturday nights photographing the southern milky way, to view those pictures click here.

To the left... while I was out fishing this past July this regal loon surfaced fairly close to my boat, with camera in hand I was able to get a closeup of this guy.
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