Sandra Matthews

Greetings, I'm Sandra Matthews and I'm a candidate for the ApHC Board of Director's seat in Territory II, Zone C. I have been a member of the ApHC since 1967, and I am currently a life member. I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado and I have a small training/breeding business. I have shown on a regional and national level since 1971, and my horses have won many regional high point awards in halter and performance. I have placed many times at the National Show and the World Championship Show and I have had horses that have placed Top 10 in the Nation. I have bred, trained and shown three horses to ApHC Championships; one of these horses went on to earn an ApHC Supreme Championship Award. I have served as a director and an officer for many equine associations. I have also managed shows, futurities and fund raising activities. Every year I volunteer to help with the Appaloosa booth at the National Western Stock Show and disseminate information to the many folks that stop by.

I have been active with the Appaloosa Horse Club on a national level, and I have publicly supported various initiatives presented such as the Performance Permit, along with the color incentives attached to it. I assisted in getting donations for copies of Spotted Pride that were awarded to all the youth and non-pro class winners at the 2005 National Show. I personally donated to this worthy cause, as well as donating a model horse to be given away at the Appaloosa booth at the 2006 Breyerfest Extravaganza. I now helping with another youth/non pro donation program for the ApHC 2007 Nationals Youth World Championship Show. I spearheaded the request for the live Web Cam feed of the National and World Shows, and I would like to thank Bill Thiel for getting this accomplished. I am one of the partners of the Colors of the Fall Futurity series, an innovative new futurity geared for owner/breeders.

I am working with Tracy Meisenbach on a proposal for Youth Judging Video Guide. We feel that a visual guide that would help our youth exhibitors gain knowledge of what judges are looking for in the show ring. We have formatted up a proposal that would require minimum cost to the ApHC, yet it will provide a valuable visual teaching tool for our youth. This video can also be sent to 4H and FFA leaders to assist in their youth judging competitions. The public promotion of the Appaloosa amongst young horse lovers can only assist in the marketing and appeal of our beloved breed.

Some of the issues I believe the BOD needs to address are:

Getting Pedigree information on-line and also Performance and Production records.

Getting the ApHC more involved in the study of Appaloosa genetics. This is extremely important to our industry and we need to be an active participant in The Appaloosa Project, a study by geneticists who are attempting to find the genetic code for Appaloosa coloring.

Expanding registration of the Appaloosa, both nationally and internationally, so we have a recognized world wide registry. This includes the repatriation of Canada and allowing their horses as an approved outcross. There are some exciting initiatives being proposed for registration of horses from other countries, including Brazil, Australia and New Zealand.

Examining the possibility of either decreasing or eliminating the National Point Fees at shows. This is one item that has greatly hurt participation at our shows, and in effect, has hurt our regional clubs.

Making it desirable to belong to the ApHC. We need to make being a member worthwhile. We need to attract Appaloosa competitors, as well as those horse owners who have an Appaloosa in the backyard just to enjoy owning it. If we work toward getting more corporate sponsors who are willing to do things for the rank and file members this can be accomplished.

Considering a change of our yearly Membership from January 1 to December 31 to a membership that runs a year from date of enrollment.

Revamping the Breeders Trust. We need to do something to make this program more beneficial to both stallion owners and owners of nominated horses.

Initiating a National Youth Judging Contest to be held at the Youth World Show. This would put the Appaloosa horse in front of many youth who participate in 4-H, FFA and college judging programs.

Approving and sponsoring the Ranch Horse and Field Hunter programs. These were designed for the average horse owner and they are one of the fastest growing events in the horse industry.

Looking at more ways of supporting and promoting the Trail-Riding segment of our organization.

Increasing the visibility of the Appaloosa and the ApHC through more aggressive marketing and obtaining more corporate sponsorships.

The Appaloosa Journal needs to be evaluated and revamped so it provides valuable information to an Appaloosa owner. Articles on breeding, history, judging, conditioning, foaling, and other pertinent issues, must be provided to the membership in order to best serve the ApHC and the Appaloosa.

I believe these things can be accomplished if we work as a team, and I can be a valuable member of this team. I want to represent you on the Board of Directors, and I look forward to conversing with you and presenting your collective ideas to the national forum. I invite you to contact me and to share ideas about the welfare of our horse and club.

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    Sandra Matthews