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Here is a link for the SANDO tv debut download!!!!



Pictures of the alky's gig and Breakfast guesting are available at the SANDOLAB mailing list photo page.



Pictures of recent Kolumn gig is now available at the downloads section.



You can now view Mike's profile in the band section.



New Pictures from Purple Haze and Kolumn can now be viewed in the downloads section.



SANDO will be featured in the Manila Bulletin entertainment section sometime next week. Pictorials will be in Intramuros this coming saturday (10/22/05).



SANDO fronted for Hale last 10/17/05 for the Hale Lister's Night gig. The guys were interviewed by MYX. The interview will be shown this saturday (10/22/05). Watch out for it.



SANDO with Kitchie Nadal, pictures at the downloads.



New wallpaper available at the downloads section.



Don't forget to sign our new guestbook at the bottom of this page.



SANDO will be shooting their first ever music video on Sunday 01/09/05. Their video will be played on MTV soon. SANDO Fan will post some updates about the shooting of the video.



Pre-gig pics at JP's room now available at the downloads section.



More useless trivia at the news section.



A new way of availing a SANDO cd is by sending me an e-mail. Send an e-mail to jagaruga@yahoo.comwith the subject "help sando". Shipping will be via Fedex and payments will be through BPI branches. I'll send you my account number once you send me an e-mail. The cd costs P80, while the shipping cost depends on your location.



Almost all SANDO songs are now available for download at the downloads section of this site.



You can now download SANDO's first single. Right click on the link below and click on "Save Target As".

Sino Sa Aming Dalawa


Request this song on NU107's "Remote Control Weekend":

Type: NU Sino Sa Aming Dalawa by Sando

on your mobile phone and send it to 2299



SANDO's 1st home-made album "College Lab" is now available at your nearest Sarabia Optical U. P. Diliman branch, and Cubicle Art Gallery in C. Raymundo corner Stella Maris, Pasig. So hurry! What are you waiting for? Grab a copy now!


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SANDO gig sked:


Feb 9 - Kolumn Bar, Timog

Feb 17 - PLM, with Kjwan and Hale

Mar 3 - Kolumn Bar, Timog


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What in the world is a SANDO?!!!

Do you want to know what a SANDO is? SANDO is everywhere. It is all around us even here, there and everywhere in this very website. You can see it when you look at the picture above or when you see a street kid picking his nose with his foot. You can feel it when you go to school, when you go to a gay bar, when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth. The truth that SANDO is nothing more than an undershirt without sleeves which sometimes comes with holes. By the way, there's also a band named SANDO. You might want to check them out.


Why am I making this website? I'm just a big fan of the band and I feel that this band needs to be heard. I got a copy of the album from a friend who got his copy from his uncle whose copy was acquired from his grandmother's dog. I heard the first song "Manligaw" and it touched me very deeply. My tears fell and I got emotional. I was inspired. I ran to the nearest "Oplan Tuli" and had my member circumcised in an instant. Thanks to SANDO. I love you guys!


Band Profile


Sando - started out as an experimental acoustic duo (sal & allan)


Sal & allan recorded "tired old timer EP"(2000), consisting of 10 dense but lovely acoustic songs; the albums "prawn, the happy taffie fairy"/ "sad soy sauce" & "extra virgin"(2001), both recorded and overdubbed using a cassette recorder, consisting of 22 and 23 songs respectively; and "college lab"(2002), proudly recorded in a pc with only one mic .

Current line up is allan roque on bass and vocals, jp santiago on guitar, joel yu on guitar, sal reyes on vocals and guitar, and mike santos on drums.

Why the name sando? Because the "sando" is worn by lots of Filipino men and women alike; its a very famous casual wear, specially on the beach during hot, hot summer days; it would not be appropriate then if we called ourselves "the tank tops" or "the sleeveless undershirts"; but now it may not be such a bad idea. Get the point? I think not.

Previous names prior to sando: blank tape, happy platypus, the colons, pretzels god, nipple darlings, mumus chubbies, wig, patricks foreskin, thirtyeight, pasas

Sando's genre cannot be clearly defined and the members do not wish to be stereotyped nor be stuck in just one sound. Generally, their sound is experimental-nerdy-classic-disco-rock-funky-pop.

Sando has a very happy disposition in life, clearly reflected from the subtle lyrics to their songs about life, growing up, falling in love, and eventually, falling out of it. Happy melodies with wholesome and friendly lyrics, good for family enjoyment. What a nice way to celebrate simple things in life though aural stimulation.




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