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Herein lies three years worth of collected mockeries of Sandor.  For those who are unfamiliar with the scourge of Sandor, firstly consider yourselves blessed.  Secondly, the Sandor portrayed here is a small Hungarian child of dubious morality and a proclivity for anal rape.  Furthermore you should know that Sandor is endowed with certain special abilities including highly acidic semen and the tendency to fly into a rage we term a "homosadistic frenzy" during which he is nearly unstoppable.  The Sandor portrayed is fictitious, and any similarities with real persons is entirely conincidental.

Enjoy our comics, we certainly enjoyed making them.

- The creators of Sandor Comics

There are several comics currently available.  Most of these were made during particularily boring classes in High School.  The comics were done in a frame by frame alternating fashion, that is, one person would do a frame, then pass it on to the next  person to do the next frame.  Consequently, the results are quite amusing.  We have compiled two archives, one with the original manuscripts scanned and unaltered, and another with the text recreated in subtitles, as much of it is hard to read.  The drawings are rather crude and often in poor taste, but nobody said we were artists.

Original Archive:

Subtitled Archive:

P.S. please do not try to read too deeply into these comics.  They were created merely as a source of amusement and are not intended as a slight to any person or group.
This has nothing to do with Sandor comics, I just really like this car.
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