Amazingly Cloud City has been around for 10 years.

I've learned a lot about fanfiction in that time. Mostly what I'd like to leave in this parting note are my thoughts gleaned from an on-again/off-again love with fandom.

Fanfiction is just that; fiction from fans. No more, no less. In its purest form there are misspelled words, comma splices, story ideas that are way out there, big what-if scenarios, and characters acting unlike themselves. Why? Because its FAN Fiction, not PRO Fiction.

At some point in my walk through the fanfiction community more became expected of us fans as writers. We grew critical and didn't welcome those just starting because they weren't up to our standards. Well, I for one want to go back to my roots in fanfiction. I welcome the young giving wings to their imagination. So what if there are three more Death Stars in one story.

My advice to anyone afraid of stepping out; if you want to write, just write. Ignore those that purposefully try to make you feel stupid about what is in the story, its your vision not theirs. If they don't like it they don't have to read it. Do your best at writing and always try to learn about syntax but don't get mired down to the point where you kill your creativity.

Most of all remember this: when it ceases to be fun, STOP.

Best of luck to anyone that stopped by and is reading this. You've graced us, who contributed to this site, by even remembering we were here.

Thank You.