Welcome to my website!

This site contains a collection of things I've wrote, assignments or essays I've done throughout highschool and university. I figured they might help someone else if I hosted them online. Please note that these are for study purposes only, and copyright infringement law applies!

This also my personal website, where you can find my Curriculum Vitae, the subjects I have learned in school, what music I enjoy listening to and what kind of doodles do I make when I'm bored. :)

On the top navigation there are buttons to other sites I'm related to: Grrlgamer is a gaming site run by an all-girl crew; SimGrrl is my Sims site with lots of downloads for TS1 and TS2; Pereira is my aunt's restaurant and that is the site I made for her. Feel free to visit them as well.

Enjoy your visit!
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