The Dark Side of the Alamo:
San Antonio by Night
     Here at SA, the staffers believe in making a fun and enjoyable place to RP with as little intrusion of staff as possible. Staff works on an as-needed basis, letting ica=icc until a player asks for intervention. Though staff are available and often come up with and run TPs, The Dark Side encourages player-driven rather than staff-driven TPs. And as always, ICA=IC   port 6898 : 6898
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    San Antonio Mush is based on the modern day San Antonio, TX and the Second Edition White-Wolf Storyteller gaming system with select rules from Third Edition and staff's minds.
     The worlds are very similar to modern day only in this game Vampire, Werewolves, Mages, Faeries, Spirits,  and Shifters , are very real though very rare.The media is more entertainment than CNN Headline News or ET! could ever dream of being. Think a world where the media is not there to get the truth but to get ratings. Its Geraldo on steroids, Ricky Lake gone nuts.
     Murder is all too real. Kids kill kids for shoes and dirty looks. Schools have armed police, metal detectors, and still children are dying. Gay bashing is not news worthy, nor is the prostitute who is killed while trying to feed her family of  three. Its just too common and people have their own problems.
     Cults of all shapes and demominations exist, some with real faith and others  just fronts for meglomaniacs of one form or another. Slavery exists, sweat shops are manned by immigrants who are working their debts off. Prostitutes slave in brothels doing the same or are just slaves kidnapped from some midwest state and forced into the sex trade.
     Texas still has the death penalty, only it is used more often now. San Antonio is a hub of US military might with three Air Force bases in city limits and two outside. Fort Sam Houston is inside the city limits and Fort Bliss training reserve is just north of the city. Fort Hood is just two hours to the north with three armoured brigades.
     Its not an episode of 'Leave it to Beaver.' Its Buffy meets Bram Stoker in the X-Files. This is what you are entering, a slightly different world  where life is cheap. You'd better keep your wits
      This is a RPG based on the
White-Wolf (tm) series. It is in no way representative of real life, nor of the real San Antonio, Texas. Though we have tried to make the playing arena as true-to-life as possible, there is much that is not represented accurately.
     Be sure as you enter the rest of the website, and if you decide to create a character on our game, that you are prepared to deal with the darkness within. Bad things happen for no real reason. Character actions are in no way indicitive of personal morals, values, or beliefs. It is a game. Play on...

Betty Boop -- Co-god  & Staff/Player Liason
Bravestar -- Co-god & Mortal/Mortal+ Wiz

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