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Sanjay Kattimani

Thats right you just dropped in to my latest website. Apart from my usual personal stuff i have these brand new inclusions...

Technical stuff..

This site is going to have all my technical findings and resource listings. I am sure these resources will help many of you too in IT industry. I regularly use google to find everything i need. And often go round to get some contents. This is an effort to list out those resources in a neat format... No i am not going to copy anything from other sites.. i am just going to organize the index and point to those websites with my comments.
Technical topics will range from SEO to articles and reviews.

New photo gallery

With lot of new photos of Ooty trip, creative photos, Group photos and old photos.

Fun stuff

Checkout Gender teller and Shaayari. Share these links with your friends if you find them interesting.

Screen savers

Checkout Matrix and Rainfall screensavers that are completely free.

Recent blog topics

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