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All these following screen savers are free. Just download them to your windows folder and they are ready to run.

Following screen savers also come with source code (Visual basic 6) that you can customize.

These files need Visual basic runtime files. Visual basic runtime files are shipped with windows 98 and higher operating systems.

Compatible with : windows 95, windows 98, windows ME, Windows 2000, windows XP, Windows NT 4 (With VB runtime).

Matrix screen saver

This matrix screen saver drops green charactes (0s and 1s) on black background. Got its name as matrix screen saver as similar one was displayed in matrix movie. This is the closest screen saver that resembles matrix screen saver shown in the movie.

Left flash animation shows how this matrix screen saver will look like on your screen.

Download Matrix Screen saver

Download Matrix screen saver source code

Rainfall screen saver

This rainfall screen saver drops rain on this beautiful flower. Future version of this screen saver will allow you to choose your own selectable background image on which rain drops fall. Shoot me a mail if you are interested in receiving it.

Right flash animation shows how this rainfall screen saver will look like on your screen.

Download RainFall Screen saver

Download RainFall screen saver source code

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