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What A Naughty Boy - by Jean Carr

This was the moment when a teenage recluse called Peter Robinson blossomed into the bizarre creature was now all know as Marilyn.
In a previously unpublicised screen apperance, Marilyn starred as a sacrificial virgin in a rauchy rock video that would amaze even his most devoted fans.
It helped launch him on the road to por stardom four years later.
Exclusive scenes from the video - a promotion film for
Marianne Faithfull's 1979 LP, Broken English - made by controversial film maker Derek Jarman, a naked man makes lot to Marilyn on a makeshift altar.
The sequence for the Witche's song track, open with Marianne Faithfull outside St. Paul's Cathedral  being beckoned by a sober-suited man wearing a paper sack with eyes-slits over his head.
The scene moves to a derelict site where a coven of men and women dance hand-in-hand around as smokey fire.
The men are dressed in suits with their heads covered in pape sacks, The women, who include a female dwarf, are in white sleeveless dresses, their faces covered in golden masks.
One man, his face in shadow, is dressedin a cardinal's red hat and cape. He blessed Marilyn and the young man, offers them a drink from a sea shell and places a ring on Marilyn's wedding finger.
The camera pulls away to a long distance shot of the lovemaking.
The film ends with the coven walking away from the still-smouldering fire.
The existence of t he 1979 film comes as a complete surpreise to Marilyn's publicist, Carol Garner who says : "I insisted  he tells me everything about his past so that I can comment when itens like this come up, but he has never mentioned the video to me"
But Marilyn, who became an "instant" pop star when his first single Calling Your Name went to number three last year, remembers making the film. He says : "I think Derek Jarman is a wonderful director,  I really admire his work and he is ver artistic."
The video marked the birth of Peter Robinson's  public personality as Marilyn. But his obsession with the dead movie star began long before that.
Peter Robinson himself was born in Jamaica in 1962 - tree months after the death of Monroe.
Peter, son of a yacht salesman, has claimed that he claimed that he was the re-incarnation of Monroe.
His parents split up when he was 18 months old and his mother retured with him to England.
Peter Robinson was just a schoolboy when he first appeared in a dress and a blond wig at the Sombrero Disco , in Kesington High Street,  London.

The Mirror - March, 18, 1984